what are automatic loading and unloading solutions?

The few minutes spent on prepping forklifts and other equipment for loading and unloading may seem insignificant, but you could be losing hours in your process.

Our automated truck loading systems cut the time between unloading a truck and delivering the materials to the production starting point. Instead of treating docking stations as a separate operation, we integrate them into the process flow. The flexible systems can also function inversely, similar to our automatic container loading system.

2A. Moving Floor 2A. Moving Floor

why choose an automatic loading and unloading solution?

  • Industry-tested and well defined; they will fit seamlessly in your production line (outbound flow) or your warehouse (inbound flow) to achieve 100% automated product flow
  • Load a complete trailerload of up to 30 tonnes into a trailer within 2 minutes
  • We work closely with warehouse and factory engineers for seamless integration into existing processes

types of automatic loading and unloading solutions

Moving Floor Conveyor System

Slipchain Pallet Loading System

Trailer Skate Pallet Automatic Solution

2B. Slipchain 2B. Slipchain

who should use these loading solutions?

Factories handling both palletised and non-palletised loads are a perfect fit for the Joloda Hydraroll Moving floor system. While our slipchain and trailerskate solutions are ideal for customers moving high volume goods on short shuttles up to 50km.

want to lighten your load?

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