what are automatic loading and unloading solutions?

Automatic loading and unloading systems are built to speed up a standard process that happens in every production and warehousing location. Typically, the forklift process of loading a full trailer will be around 30-45 minutes. Joloda Hydraroll’s automated loading solutions can do it in under 5 minutes.

A complete loading and unloading process entails one or more auto-loading docks and unloading docks, and a dedicated system trailer. Once connected to an existing conveyor infrastructure, or integrated with AGVs, the complete loading procedure can be de-manned – also known as 100% end of line automation.

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why choose an automatic loading and unloading solution?

When it comes to your automatic trailer loading solution (ATL), Joloda Hydraroll’s experts are on hand. We help to build the business case with you, because we know our stuff. An investment in a Joloda ATL should lead to a ROI in 3 years or less, as well as:

  • Load a complete trailerload of up to 30 tonnes into a trailer within 2 minutes!
    • Use less trailers due to quick turnaround
    • Use less or no forklifts
  • Reduce damages by automating the loading process
  • Increase safety by implementing automation (less forklifts in operation)
  • Reduce the space needed for the loading and unloading operation

types of automatic loading and unloading solutions

Moving Floor Conveyor System

Slipchain Pallet Loading System


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who should use these loading solutions?

Any business with high volume of incoming or outgoing goods in their factory/warehouse – especially businesses where the flows are following fixed routes. This includes business that shuttle traffic between factory and warehouse or frequent deliveries to the same locations.

Clients with high-volume unitised loads, featuring palletised or non-palletised loads, except for bulk materials.

Depending on your logistics case, the product flow from factory to warehouse, and the volume of goods, our Joloda Hydraroll experts can propose several scenarios to lighten your load.

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