Joloda Hydraroll has been busy helping the leading tyre and wheel assembly partner for the automotive industry in Europe, Eurofit increase the efficiency of their operations through the implementation of our automated loading solutions. 

In this case study you will learn how our Automated Loading technology has been utilised by the automotive sector to streamline their operations and become safer. 

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tire wheel assembly partner for the automotive industry


Eurofit is focused on delivering quality craftsmanship and expert service for the world’s biggest and most well-known automotive brands. 

Manufacturing is at the heart of Eurofit’s operation with automation fundamental to ensuring they deliver safe, efficient and innovative products to their clients.  Eurofit approached Joloda to explore options for a loading system that would enable goods to be moved from the manufacturing plant to transportation vehicles.


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As part of their continuous investment programme, Eurofit wanted to upgrade the loading systems it uses to move tyres and wheel assemblies from the manufacturing plant into transport vehicles ready for distribution into their client’s production network.  Their existing system was carpet-based, with Eurofit looking for something that would offer enhanced efficiencies in both handling and loading, all while being able to handle a variety of non-standard loads for their factories in Europe to



For Eurogfit out Automatic Trailer Loading Systems ticked every box. In particular, our Moving Floor Conveyor System, as this is designed to move a variety of goods including crate-based, palletised and non-palletised, making it ideal for the movement of uniquely shaped cargo such as tyres. It is a heavy-duty flexible slat conveyor belt system that allows Eurofit to use both production line conveyors and forklifts to place its tyres and wheels onto the belt ready for movement.

Eurofit specifically required an automated system that would reduce their reliance on human intervention whilst offering greater safety features when the system did need to be manned. 


Our Moving Floor Conveyor System increased efficiency, reducing load/unload time to less than two minutes for Eurofit. We also reduced their reliance on manual labour and as with all our systems, our world-leading safety features were implemented to reduce workplace injury.

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Following the successful installation of the first Joloda Automatic Trailer Loading system in Eurofit’s factory in South Germany in 2020, Joloda was instantaneously asked to deliver a further two systems in Spain, with more in the pipeline including: 

  • South Germany - Trailerskate loading dock shuttle: enabling manual unloading with a fork-lift truck from the side. This was adapted with a special hydraulic lift for sideways loading of the trailerskate dock

  • Zaragoza Spain - Moving Floor Loading dock shuttle: supporting the movement of TWAs (tire and wheel assemblies) and 360degree MF trailer systems

  • Palencia Spain - Moving Floor Loading dock shuttle: helping move TWAs (tire and wheel assemblies) along with 3 Moving Floor systems: offering 180degree movement and loading

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