The FMCG industry is dynamic and innovative, just like us. With high volumes of household goods, personal care, food (deep freeze or ambient) and other consumable products, the logistics function is ever-expanding in the supply chain.

Today, there are so many different distribution channels of FMGCs, or ‘consumer packaged goods (CPGs)’ as they’re also called. There are indirect distribution channels, such as warehouses, wholesalers and retailers that move the goods from the factory to the consumer, and direct channels, in which companies themselves manage the end-to-end distribution of goods, including the intermediaries.

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, shops, e-commerce stores, speciality stores and more all make competition in the industry fierce. Businesses that can get their products out onto their shelves faster, or displayed on their websites or even their social media pages sooner, give themselves the chance to gain an edge over their competitors. Even the smallest edge can have a big impact for the business.

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Lower costs - labour & maintenance, quick turnarounds - less drivers

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De- manned loading/unloading, no forklift drivers, sfaety increased due to automation

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improving the performance of your distribution channel

There are several ways you can improve the performance of your distribution. Technology has a big part to play in achieving this.

Boost visibility

Digitising all the different points in the network will help businesses in the FMCG industry track the real-time movement of the goods. The companies can forecast when they’ll achieve revenue and can align supply and demand. They can predict when stock will arrive and when it will turn into revenue.

Make field service more proactive

Field associates play a crucial part in FMCG distribution by interacting with retail channels to calculate demand and ensure the business fulfils its orders on time. However, manually intensive practices and documentation in the performance of these duties create significant delays. Making the most of data analytics and order fulfilment technology will help them to keep the supply chain proactive and plan for stock optimisation, and outlets can place orders digitally rather than wait for a field associate to reach out to them.

Explore smart connectivity

Remove manual-intensive jobs and improve data entry to maintain supply chain efficiency. A smart, connected infrastructure across warehouses, factories, logistical arrangements and within retailer locations can accomplish this.

Get rid of back-office administrative delays

Shipments must pass a range of checks and carry with them a variety of documents when they go through a distribution channel. Technology that can verify shipments, remove pricing discrepancies, handle tax and compliance workflows and access logistics data can help businesses to remove delays within the distribution system. This also minimises an inflow of fraudulent goods or counterfeit goods into any point of the system, protecting the customers and ensuring they have genuine retail experiences.

automated systems that will improve your FMCG loading environment

We’ve created a way to avoid large volume pallet shuttle operations, reduce the volume of pressure on pallet loading and unloading processes, and help your business to speed up distribution.

Using one of our automated loading systems will lighten the load and make your loading and unloading operations much more efficient. Automatic truck loading, coupled with the connection of the loading system and automatic palletisers, will allow you to achieve 100% end-of-line automation. In the warehouse, you can connect the automated unloading system to automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or conveyors to feed an AS/RS system. This means high-volume FMCG pallet flows can be automated completely.

We have three main automated loading systems that will make pallet loading onto trailers much easier.

Unilever, NL Trailerskate (2)


When it comes to the pallet loading in the FMCG industry, the trailerskate is our star automated loading system. Many businesses in the industry use it and have seen it boost their efficiency. You don’t have to be operating in FMCGs to harness the benefits of the trailerskate, though. Businesses in other areas have all turned to the trailerskate to help them operate more quickly and more safely, and increase their output.

The trailerskate is simple but effective. It features four tracks on the floor, and the Riserplate system skates perform all the pallet loading and unloading. The ‘lift’ comes from the tracks underneath. Thanks to this highly efficient, highly safe system, you can load or unload 32 euro pallets or 26 industrial/block pallets, or a mixture of both, in as little as four minutes, and do so safely.

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Moving Floor6

moving floor conveyor

The moving floor conveyor system is a heavy-duty system specially designed to move palletised goods, un-palletised goods and crated goods. This automated conveyor system can cope with whisky barrels, tyres and more. You’ll be able to shift your pallets to your trailers and from them in as little as two minutes, and since the system is automated and doesn’t require the use of forklift trucks in loading or unloading it’s also extremely safe.

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Slipchain 1


The slipchain comprises a robust rise and fall chain with a rollertrack system for the trailer and dock to make pallet loading a breeze. The system’s modular design makes it easy to incorporate into any building or trailer. You can connect it directly to your production line conveyor, or use forklift trucks or AGVs to place your load onto the system. It’s completely automated, allowing you to conduct pallet loading safely and swiftly.

Do you want to see how the trailerskate or other automated systems can help you improve your bottom line? Get in touch to talk about our ROI calculator today. 

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why use automated loading systems in FMCGs businesses?

Implementing one of our automated pallet loading systems offers a whole range of benefits for your business. The trailerskate is especially worthy of consideration for operators in the FMCG industry. Here are the main benefits of using one of our systems:

  • trailer loading in two minutes;
  • reduction of labour required due to:
  • an automated loading / unloading operation (no FLT drivers);
  • quick turnaround of trailer and less drivers;
  • reduced operation costs:
  • no costs connected to forklift maintenance etc;
  • increased safety due to automation;
  • reduced product damage.

If you’d like to find out more about how our automated pallet loading systems can supercharge your FMCG logistics, let's chat. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best system for your business and help you install it so you can reap the benefits of automated pallet loading.


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