The beverage market is fast moving, competitive and covers a wide range of drinks, from spirits, beer and wines to bottles of water and soft drinks in cans, bottles and cartons. This large subsector of fast moving consumer goods (FMGC) deals with high volume movement of goods and is big enough to receive a classification in its own right.

Since cans, bottles and other packaging materials come into massive volumes of finished goods and head out to national distribution centres or regional ones, or to customers, standard systems create significant pressures and stresses. Fuel costs and other expenses of taking to the road, high turnover of drivers, shortage of drivers and pressure to meet delivery deadlines are all further difficulties beverage transportation businesses and operations face.

Operating sustainably is another challenge these businesses face, whether it’s through innovation in the product, the packaging or the logistics. Consumers today are turning their backs on companies that don’t operate sustainably, in favour of businesses that do.  

We offer you some beverage loading solutions that can help boost your beverage transportation options and tackle the tough challenges you, as a logistic operator or beverage business, might face.

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Lower costs - labour & maintenance, quick turnarounds - less drivers

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De- manned loading/unloading, no forklift drivers, safety increased due to automation

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beverage loading solutions

When loading drinks or transporting them, technically, you’re working with fragile goods. Jars or bottles can smash easily during the loading process. Cartons can tear. The pallet of goods can suffer damage. As a result, the contents can spill out onto the trailer floor, creating a safety hazard for anyone unloading the vehicle at the end of the operation, or even during the loading process itself. The damage also inflicts costs on the company, who must replace the damaged stock.     

This means you should pack everything as safely, efficiently and neatly into your beverage trailer as possible, which you can achieve with our beverage loading solutions. Think of it as our ‘art of packing’ for you. Using our beverage loading solutions, you can load drinks and other fragilely packaged goods onto your trailer in a way that allows them to make it to their final destination undamaged.

automated systems designed to boost your beverage loading

Make beverage loading simple with one of our loading systems. We automate the process so that loading bottles, cans or other drinks containers are smooth and safe. This equipment will make light work of your heavy loads.

If you’re looking for 100% end of line automation, we’ve got you covered. In your warehouse, you can connect one of our conveyors to feed an automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) system. When you do this, you can automate the handling of high volume FMCG pallet flows completely.

How does this sound? Let's chat and see how you could achieve a return on investment (ROI) in three years or less. 

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When it comes to loading and unloading beverages, many businesses in the industry have chosen the trailerskate. This simple system is highly effective, and consists of a mere four tracks in the trailer and long skates. The tracks provide the lift, and the skates take care of the loading and unloading.

The trailerskate will help you to save space in your trailer when loading and unloading, and spare you the need for forklift trucks to conduct loading, increasing the safety of the process. You’ll be able to work with high volumes of goods quickly, easily and at minimal risk, if any at all.

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Moving Floor6

Moving floor conveyor

The moving floor conveyor is another superb, automated solution for loading drinks. This heavy duty system is especially good when working with drinks stored in bulky items such as barrels. Operators in the whisky industry especially make use of the conveyor.

As with the trailerskate, the moving floor eliminates the need for forklifts during the loading process, making the operation much safer. The automated nature of the moving floor conveyor, as well as increasing the safety of the operation, allows you to conduct loading in under two minutes, making it more efficient.

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the benefits of using automated loading systems in beverage:

The drinks industry is fast-moving, highly competitive and requires efficient logistics to operate successfully in it. The quicker businesses can get their drinks out to retailers and other businesses, the better for the operator.

Above we’ve covered some of our most suitable automated solutions for operating in the drinks industry. Here’s a short recap of the benefits of implementing automated solutions for your beverage logistics/transportation business

  • trailer loading in 2 minutes;
  • reduction of labour required due to:
  • no forklift drivers necessary for loading and unloading
  • quick turnaround of a trailer and fewer drivers;
  • reduced operation costs: no costs connected to forklift maintenance;
  •  increased safety due to automation;
  • reduced product damage;
  • ATEX-compliant moving floor system.

If you’re a drinks manufacturer or transportation business and wish to bolster your logistics, let's chat. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and help you choose the right automated solution for you.

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