In the scenario that a business produces and ships a high number of pallets each day, we’ve put together an automated loading system typical business case example to help explain the benefits and how an ROI can be achieved with the investment of an automated loading system.

If a business is running a shuttle run from a factory to a warehouse and back again, they’ll benefit from an automated loading system with fewer people, trucks and forklifts.

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Automated Loading Systems


A factory producing 928 pallets per day, shuttling 32 pallets each time across a 27km/16 mile journey (which we’d expect to take would take 45 minutes each away/90 minutes round trip in today’s typical congested traffic conditions) would require:

  • 3 x Warehouse forklift drivers
  • 12 x Truck drivers (working across 3 x 8-hour shifts in a 24-hour period) and;
  • 3 x Factory forklift drivers
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Automated Loading Systems


However, with an automated loading solution in place in both the factory, the warehouse and the trailers moving the same number of palletised loads would require:

  • 0 x Warehouse forklift drivers
  • 6 x Truck drivers (working across 3 x 8-hour shifts in a 24-hour period) and;
  • 0 x Factory forklift drivers
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Automated Loading Systems

the results

The result of investing in an automated loading solution would enable a business to operate at the same capacity and save:

  • 5,998 hours forklift driving per year
  • 2,642 KMs of forklift driving per year
  • 12,350 hours waiting time for the truck drivers
  • Reduces from 4 to 2 trailers and from 12 to 6 truck drivers

As you can see from these typical business case results, with one of Joloda Hydraroll’s automated loading systems, you’ll quickly generate a healthy return on investment (ROI).

is an automated loading system right for your business?

We go to great lengths to understand your loading and unloading requirements to understand whether a loading system is right for your business. We’ll complete an in-depth cost analysis of their processes to ascertain if an automated loading system is right for them, but also to calculate exactly when they’ll see the financial rewards of their investment into an automated system. We start off our process by asking two questions:

  1. Do you operate a shuttle run?

  2. Do you have a high daily output of pallets?

If yes to both, your business will benefit from automated loading systems, as well as faster trailer loading, you’ll also benefit from these paybacks...

the benefits

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Less labour required

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Including, People, Trailers, and Forklifts (FLTs)

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Reduced accident rate during high-volume loading and unloading

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No forklifts required and reduction in trailer fleet

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Complete guide

the benefits of automated loading systems

Working with an automated loading system brings with it many advantages for your business. It gives you an opportunity to increase efficiency, enhance worker safety, make room for flexibility and add savings. 

There are a variety of reasons why it is of benefit to rationalise as to whether the investment and The Benefits of Automated Loading Systems is worthwhile for so many businesses. Automated loading systems also have a longer lifespan, which provides your business with a higher return on investment. We’ve drawn on some of our most popular benefits here…

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Wondering if an automatic loading and unloading solution is right for your warehouse, factory, or business?

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Our Solutions

moving floor

The Moving Floor system is ideal for any business that needs to load abnormal pallets or unpalletised goods, such as whiskey barrels or tyres.

Moving Floor
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Out Solutions


The Slipchain system is designed for all customers that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a small fleet of dedicated trailers.

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Our Solutions


The Trailerskate system is designed for businesses with a high-volume logistics shuttle case with a larger fleet of trailers.

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