In the vast and challenging automotive industry, we’re here to take the load off.

For the most efficient process, the Tier 1 suppliers who manufacture and supply the components are situated right in the heart of the car plant. The key to success for a highly automated car plant is using innovative ‘just in time’ and ‘in sequence’ schedules. This keeps costs down and ensures disruptions such as late delivery and human error are out of the question.

Of course, these businesses are on a tight, tight schedule, and there’s no room for mistakes. Working with the right suppliers and investing in the right equipment can keep you running a tight ship in this sector, whether you’re an automotive manufacturer or an automotive transportation company delivering on behalf of the manufacturer.

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Efficient Truck Utilisation

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Improved safety in the loading process, loading reduced to a one man operation

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Time Saving

Load a trailer in 2 minutes, reduce vehicle waiting times.

customised loading solutions for the automotive industry

Investing in a customised automotive loading solution can help you get parts around your manufacturing plant faster and more safely. You’ll shorten lead times and get your motor vehicles, or their parts, onto the road faster and onto the next stage of their journey, or to the relevant area of your plant for the next stage of manufacture sooner.

We offer customised automotive loading solutions that will transform your processes by enabling you to load and unload trailers much more quicker. You can keep your automotive manufacturing processes and logistics moving swiftly and smoothly by being able to transfer them from the plant to the loading bay, and vice versa, quickly and safely, and also get automotive parts moving around your manufacturing plant much faster.

how do our automotive loading systems improve space efficiency?

Our automated automotive loading systems can load a trailer in just two minutes without any human intervention. This innovative method ensures trailers are loaded on time, in the correct sequence and without damage. You’ll be able to pack your goods into trucks and trailers much more tidily and more compactly, as the system helps you to make more efficient use of space. All of this is why our automotive customers include household names such as Nissan, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda, General Motors and BMW.

We understand the requirements of operators in the automotive industry and tailor our streamlined solutions accordingly. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from reliable technology with built-in redundancy to ensure 99.5% service when delivering parts to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) client. Coupled with Joloda Hydraroll service offering in 30 countries, we’re by your side each step of the way. Below we highlight two systems that are especially suitable for operations in the automotive industry:

Moving Floor6 (2)

moving floor conveyor

The moving floor conveyor is a popular automated loading solution of ours in the automotive industry and is excellent for transporting bulky, un-palleted loads such as tyres from one place to another. This heavy-duty system ensures a high level of safety when engaging in high volume, routine loading and unloading processes, and doesn’t require the use of forklift trucks or of employees to conduct loading or unloading. An employee just needs to set the system in motion once it’s loaded.

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Powered Cargo Rollers 1

powered cargo roller

The powered cargo roller is specially designed for air cargo. It’s one of several automated loading solutions we offer and is ideal for loading engines and other heavy loads. This is largely thanks to this fully automated system’s pneumatic rise and fall tracks and powered electric-operated driver rollers, which move the load along easily from A to B. The system can handle pallets of up to 20 000 kilos.

Safety is paramount when loading, and this system delivers it in bucket loads. The braked motor prevents any form of rollout when the power isn’t applied.

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a short case study of our work with Eurofit tyres

Eurofit, a tyre and wheel assembly partner, are just one of the big names we’ve helped in the industry. Automation is crucial in their operations, and they came to us for a system that could cope with a variety of non-standard loads for their factories in Europe so they could move goods from manufacturing plants to vehicles.

The moving floor conveyor, in particular, was a major factor in meeting the company’s requirements. Eurofit wanted to minimise human intervention in loading and unloading processes, which the system achieved for them. The flexibility of the moving floor conveyor allows the company to link it up with production lines or with the use of forklifts to place tyres and wheels onto the belt, ready for transfer.

You can find more details about this project and some of our other work with clients in our Case Studies section.

Joloda – keeping Eurofit’s tyres moving

Find out how we got Eurofit moving more efficiently with our automatic truck-loading system

the benefits of using automated loading systems in automotive loading operations

Investing in loading and unloading solutions, automated or manual, can really boost your logistics operations, helping you to keep things moving smoothly on your manufacturing plant. Here are 10 excellent reasons to incorporate our automotive loading solutions into your operations:

  • choice of automatic system to suit shuttle distance and load type;
  • high level of customisation available;
  • reduction of product damage;
  • increased safety during the loading process;
  • optimised loading space in trailers;
  • double and multiple deck solutions available;
  • loading reduced to 1 person operation;
  • trailers loaded in 2 minutes;
  • shorter truck turnaround times;
  • reliable systems with redundancy and back-up solutions built in.

We’re always happy to chat with you about your project and discuss how our systems can help your manufacturing plant or automotive industry project. Let's chat and one of our experts can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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