At Joloda Hydraroll, we understand that every business has unique loading and unloading requirements. That's why we offer a comprehensive design process to create tailor-made loading systems that perfectly fit your business’s needs. With our expertise and commitment to innovation, we can design and manufacture both manual loading systems and automated loading systems, ensuring efficient and seamless operations for your business.

We are the global leader in loading solutions and we’re here to help lighten your load. We’re more than ‘off-the-shelf’, we’re the pioneers, the creators, the experts. Here to innovate, automate and streamline your logistics to create the ideal solution for your loading problems.

We design, manufacture, install and maintain specialist loading systems; solving businesses' unique loading and unloading challenges by creating solutions that integrate seamlessly to provide unparalleled, long-term benefits. Read more About Us here.

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understanding your requirements

We begin the design process by thoroughly understanding the problems your business is facing and the specific system requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to gain insights into your operations, cargo types, workflow, space constraints and any other relevant factors. We believe in establishing a strong partnership with our clients, which allows us to identify the best loading solutions to lighten your load effectively.


collaborative approach

Our design process is highly collaborative, ensuring that your input and feedback are valued throughout. We encourage open communication and actively involve you in the decision-making process. By understanding your unique challenges, we can incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the design, resulting in a loading system that aligns perfectly with your operational goals.

key industries we serve

Whatever your load, our experts have a streamlined solution for you. We serve a wide range of industries – from paper and consumer goods, to oils and machinery – moving loads around warehouses and factories, through docking bays and onto vehicles quickly and efficiently.


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customisation and unique solutions

While we offer off-the-shelf Manual Loading Solutions and Automated Loading Solutions, such as our Modular Rollerbed Systems, Skate and Track Loading Systems, Slipchain and Trailerskate systems, we also specialise in the design and manufacture of unique loading and unloading solutions. Our experienced engineering team has the capabilities to create systems tailored specifically to your requirements. This allows us to address even the most complex loading challenges and provide innovative solutions that enhance your efficiency and productivity.

At Joloda Hydraroll, our customers' needs are at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to providing innovative loading solutions that not only address their specific challenges but also contribute to a safer, more efficient, and sustainable operation.

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fewer accidents

Safety is our top priority, and we understand that accidents in the loading bay can have severe consequences. With our automated loading systems and advanced safety features, we aim to minimise the risk of accidents during loading operations. Our interlocking systems, sensors, and automation sequences ensure that loading processes are precisely controlled, reducing the chances of human errors and accidents.

streamlined solutions, whatever your load

truck loading solutions

warehouse loading solutions


van loading solutions

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less product damage

Loading and unloading operations can put products at risk of damage, leading to financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. Our loading systems are designed with gentle handling in mind, ensuring that products are loaded and unloaded with care. By eliminating harsh impacts and jerky movements, we help our clients reduce product damage and preserve the quality of their goods.

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fewer people in the loading bay

Traditional loading processes involving manual labour can be labour-intensive and hazardous. With our automated loading systems, fewer people are required in the loading bay, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This streamlined approach not only enhances safety but also allows businesses to reallocate labour resources more efficiently.

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check out our article

prioritising safety in the loading bay

Employee safety is paramount in every industry and a major concern for logistics operations. This is especially true when dealing with high customer demand and new employees. Risky areas, such as the loading bay, pose particular challenges.

According to Great Britain’s health and safety body, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are 13 fatalities and 26,000 non-fatal injuries per year within the UK transportation and storage industry. The loading bay is very dangerous, with many accidents happening there. To help your company in prioritising safety in the loading bay you can check out our full article today. 

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designing for safety and reliability

Safety is paramount in any business’s loading dock. We prioritise the safety of your personnel and cargo throughout the design process. Our engineers meticulously consider safety regulations, ergonomic factors, and risk assessments to ensure a secure working environment. By incorporating safety features such as interlocking systems, sensors, and automated controls, we provide peace of mind while optimising your loading operations.

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reduced need for truck and forklift drivers

Manual loading often necessitates the employment of numerous truck and forklift drivers, which can add to labour costs and increase the risk of collisions or mishandling of products. By adopting our automated loading systems, businesses can significantly reduce the need for drivers, leading to cost savings and enhanced safety.

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faster loading times

Time is of the essence in logistics operations. Our loading systems are engineered for speed and efficiency, significantly reducing loading and unloading times. With faster loading processes, businesses can optimise their operations, meet tight delivery schedules, and increase their overall productivity.

reduced operating costs

By streamlining loading processes, our automated systems contribute to significant cost reductions. With fewer personnel, shorter loading times, and decreased product damage, operating costs are minimised, leading to improved profitability and efficiency.

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more sustainable, more efficient and safer operations

Automation plays a significant role in modern logistics, improving efficiency and reducing manual labour. At Joloda Hydraroll, we excel in designing and implementing automated loading systems. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques, we can optimise your loading processes, reduce handling time, and minimise the risk of errors. Our automated loading systems provide a seamless, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your business and can be integrated into your existing operational setup.

Automated loading systems not only improve efficiency but also contribute to a more sustainable operation. Reduced product damage leads to less waste, while fewer accidents mean fewer resources needed for safety training and compensation. By embracing automation and safety-focused designs, our clients can create a safer and more sustainable workplace.

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check out our guide to

achieving sustainable transportation

Transport carries multiple opportunities to exert a less harmful impact on the environment. In a world in which consumers are becoming more climate-conscious, anything the transportation world can do to protect the planet as human beings or businesses go about their activities is welcome.

We've assembled a guide to achieving sustainable transportation, how we can make transport more sustainable, the impact of sustainable transportation on the economy and on society, some of the possible solutions and the advantages, sustainable transport can offer to reduce outdoor air pollution.

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We'll call to arrange a convenient time and date to visit your site. We'll analyse your logistics operations, assessing how goods/pallets are loaded and unloaded. Our design experts will work out how best to safely, efficiently and transport loads from the end of production lines into trailers. Next, we'll design you a comprehensive loading solution that can streamline your logistics processes and send this you to via email.

We'll do all this to ensure we fully understand your product loading and unloading requirements and help lighten your load!

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We're the global leaders for loading and unloading solutions for transport companies, system integrators and large blue-chip organisations who need to find efficiencies in moving products from production and manufacturing onto transportation.

Through skate and pneumatic roller technology, we take the strain out of warehousing and logistics making loading/unloading more efficient by using mechanical and automated loading systems that are safe, and cost-effective.

No problem is too great, we want to bring ease, efficiency and safety to the movement of goods.

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our systems...

Rollertrack Systems

roller track loading system

Our pneumatic roller track system helps make handling of any palletised load into an easy, simple, and safe operation with an innovative rise and fall mechanism.

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Skate And Track Systems 2

skate and track loading system

This manual loading system is ideal for moving pallets and paper reels to easily shift heavy loads using a set of skates.

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Container Lifting 2

container loading systems

container loading systems offer either automatic or manual loading in minutes. We also have container lifting solutions available too...

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Trailerskate 2

trailerskate loading system

This system's designed for businesses with a high-volume logistics shuttle case with a larger fleet of trailers

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Moving Floor 1

moving floor loading systems

This system's best suited to businesses with high-volume logistics shuttle cases, and small fleets of dedicated trailers

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Slipchain 2

slipchain loading systems

This system's designed for all customers that have high-volume logistics shuttle cases with a small fleet of dedicated trailers.

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world leaders in loading solutions

We've partnered up with over 30 global distributors to offer a helping hand to have experts in local standards. This is precisely why around the world, we’re known as the number one for loading and unloading solutions. 

Learn more about our global distributor network here.

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spare parts

As part of our continued efforts to prolong the longevity of our loading systems, we've put together this spare parts section where you'll be able to find replacement parts and spare parts for all your favourite Joloda Hydraroll systems.

Spare Parts
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