meet the sales team

Wouter Satijn - Sales Director

Helping us lighten loads for over 15 years, Wouter's knowledge of the Joloda Hydraroll product range is hard to beat. It's one of the reasons that he finds picking a favourite so difficult. Because for Wouter, it's the quality of Joloda products that keeps him selling year after year – he just loves to help solve customers' problems, one solution at a time.

Arjan Nobel

As Global Sales Manager, Arjan isn’t averse to globe trotting on behalf of Joloda Hydraroll. In fact, he spends his days supporting sales teams and distributors in all corners of the globe. But to him, the greatest thing in the world is the ability to offer customers true flexibility for their solution – through short delivery times, easy installation and strong concepts.

Javier Rincón

Javier joined us as Global Sales Manager ATL systems February 2021. "I am excited to join such an ambitious dynamic and growing company and to use my skills to achieve more growth internationally.

George Craven

Selling Joloda Hydraroll systems for nearly 30 years, George knows the market and products inside out. He now concentrates on automatic loading system projects in the UK. His favourite product is the Moving Floor System which gives the flexibility of loading and unloading palletised or non palletised product. You can also have the option of loading/unloading in 1 load as well as indexing individual pallets on and off trailers George enjoys working with our global partners and building relationships around the world sharing ideas and business cases in the logistics industry.

Bart Sloot

Bart is responsible for our standard products covering the whole of Europe. He cannot pick one favourite product but what he really likes is how versatile our product range is. In the morning talking to a client about van loading...later in the day discussing how to safely (un-)load and transport heavy and outsized machinery, that costs multimillions, onto road trailers. Then talking about our modular rollerbed systems creating the possibility to convert a regular warehouse into an air cargo handling warehouse for all general air cargo. He loves how established we are in the market and our strong history, especially in the movement of paper reels. The transportation of paper reels across Europe is known as ‘Joloda transport’ ..a phenomenal achievement!

Rob Howard

Rob looks after the UK market for the manual loading systems and is regular at all the big airports lightening loads with our rollertrack solutions. His favourite product is the powered cargo roller (PCR) system. Due to time restrictions airside, PCR ensures a fast, reliable and low maintenance loading solution at the airport. He utilises our standard products, which we can then develop and tailor to supply a solution that meets our customers specific operational requirements. Rob loves the flexibility and diversity of our manual loading solutions and the fact that we have developed them to supply different solutions to meet our customers operational needs.

Bart den Hartogh

The newest member to the sales team but with years of experience in the industry, Bart looks after sales of automatic loading systems in Europe. His favourite product is the Slipchain automatic trailer loading system. The combination of rollertrack together with the triplex chain, both manufactured completely in house is just fantastic. The system handles the heavy weight of full truck loads perfectly, is fast and flexible, which results in a long lasting, reliable, cost effective solution. He is proud to sell quality and reliable products and loves working as part of a team to deliver the goal of finalising a project within the timelines set and having a happy satisfied client for years to come.