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We have a team of internal sales managers who are experts in helping you and your business lighten loads. We have split our sales managers into two core teams, Automated Loading Systems and Manual Loading Systems and have had extensive training to understand the products across both System category types. This enables managers to understand, interpret and present a solution that's tailored for your business's requirements.

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meet the global sales team

Wouter Satijn

Sales Director

Helping business's lighten loads for over 15 years, Wouter's knowledge of the Joloda Hydraroll product range is hard to beat. It's one of the reasons that he finds picking a favourite so difficult. Because for Wouter, it's the quality of Joloda products that keeps him selling year after year, he just loves to help solve customers' problems, one solution at a time.

Javier Rincon-Sesmilo

Automated Loading Systems Sales Manager

Javier enjoys problem-solving, the human aspect of the business and helping clients with the right solution for their needs. He doesn't have a favourite system, just the one that meets the specific needs of the client, achieving full satisfaction. The technology incorporated in all our solutions allows us to adapt to each situation, and these adaptations make each system unique.

Arjan Nobel

Manual Loading Systems Sales Manager

As Global Sales Manager, Arjan isn’t averse to globetrotting on behalf of Joloda Hydraroll. In fact, he spends his days supporting sales teams and distributors in all corners of the globe. But to him, the greatest thing in the world is the ability to offer customers true flexibility for their solution – through short delivery times, easy installation and strong concepts.

meet the european sales team

Bart Sloot

Manual Loading Systems Sales Manager

Bart is responsible for our manual products covering the whole of Europe. He loves how established we are in the market, our strong history, (especially in the movement of paper reels) and how we've become the go-to, worldwide name, as "Joloda transport". Bart enjoys his role for how versatile his days' are and for how versatile our product range is!

Bart Den Hartogh

Automated Loading Systems Sales Manager

Bart looks after sales of automatic loading systems in Europe. His favourite product is the Slipchain automatic trailer loading system. The combination of rollertrack together with the triplex chain, both manufactured completely in house is just fantastic. He is proud to sell quality and reliable products, loves working as part of a hard-working team to satisfy clients' for years to come.

Jean Balsemin

Sales Manager (France)

Jean manages our sales operation in France and enjoys working at Joloda Hydraroll because of the international network of colleagues, distributors and clients he gets to work with on a daily basis. His favourite loading system is the Slipchain automatic loading system, the expected ROI is attractive to our clients, and offers a pallet accumulation feature that is unique.

Niclas Holm Nilsen

Automated Loading Systems Sales Manager (Northern Europe)

Niclas joined the team as the Sales Manager who covers Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Pacific. He is passionate about the environment and proud to work for a company that actively engineers solutions to optimise logistical processes. As the future is both automated and intelligent, Niclas ensures that clients are equipped to a high standard within our automated loading solutions.

meet the UK sales team

George Craven

Automated Loading Systems Sales Manager

George has been with Joloda Hydraroll for nearly 30 years and knows the market and products inside out. His favourite product is the Moving Floor System which gives the flexibility of loading and unloading palletised or non-palletised products. George enjoys working with our global partners, building relationships, sharing ideas and business cases in the logistics industry.

Rob Howard

Manual Loading Systems Sales Manager

Rob looks after the UK market for the manual loading systems and is regular at all the big airports. His favourite product is the powered cargo roller (PCR) system. Due to time restrictions airside, PCR ensures a fast, reliable and low maintenance loading solution. Rob loves the flexibility of our solutions and the fact we a solutions to meet our customers' operational needs.

meet the americas sales team

Bill Witwer

Director of Sales (North America)

Bill has been with Joloda's USA branch, Loading Automation Inc, for over 20 years, but he's been dealing with our products for an additional 15 years, 35 years in total! On a day-to-day basis, he enjoys helping customers to improve their material handling processes for their loading and unloading processes. He says: "We’re the 'missing link' in the production, distribution delivery process."

Jorge Kanawati

Sales Manager (South America)

Jorge has been with the business for 9 years, managing our operation, in South America, and more recently, Brazil. Jorge enjoys working at Joloda because we engineer solutions that focus on clients' needs and because he gets to work as part of a worldwide family group with the same forward-thinking approach. Jorge's favourite system is the slipchain because it's simple, robust, durable and reliable

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world leaders in loading solutions

In addition to our experienced sales managers, we've partnered up with over 30 global distributors to offer a helping hand to have experts in local standards. This is precisely why around the world, we’re known as the number one for loading and unloading solutions. 

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