Tetrapack in Germany manufacture cartons for milk and juice. They use heavy coated paper rolls and from this, cut and fold the cartons. The heavy paper rolls are delivered to the factory and using our Moving Floor /automatic loading system the raw material can be moved into the factory in just a few minutes.

There are 3 Moving Floor trailers in the fleet doing the shuttle bringing the paper rolls to the factory.

The Moving Floor was installed as this slatted conveyor floor is ideal for unpalletised loads, paper rolls, stillages or drums. Its particularly used in the whisky industry fir moving barrels an automotive for moving tyres.

With the heavy load the system is 100% safe as the dock lock system locks the trailer on the docking system. There is higher level of safety because of less forklift movements.

They need less trucks and trailers because of the faster loading and unloading time which means less traffic and shorter waiting times at the Factory Plant.