what are moving floor conveyor solutions?

Moving goods from factories to warehouses? Make loading and unloading safe, easy, and fast with our Moving Floor conveyor solutions.

Designed for shifting any palletised, non-palletised, or crate-based goods, the Moving Floor is a heavy duty, flexible slat conveyor belt system.

Connect it directly to your production line conveyors, or use forklifts and AGVs to place your cargo onto the belt.

Whatever your setup, Joloda Hydraroll’s global experience will deliver a perfectly integrated modular design for your trailer or building.

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why choose a moving floor conveyor solution?

A Joloda Hydraroll moving floor system is best suited for a high volume logistics shuttle case with a small fleet of dedicated trailers.

Choosing a slatted moving floor delivers:

  • 100% end of line automation and thus a de-manned operation
  • Loading or unloading in under 2 minutes, any load consisting of:
    • Pallets of any size, stillages, paper reels, loose parcels or any other non-palletised loads
  • Minimised product damages due to automation
  • 100% safety during high volume (routine) loading and unloading processes
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De- manned fast efficient loading for large items

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Less time spent preparing for loading.

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Low height and weight moving floor design.

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who should use these loading solutions?

  • The Joloda Hydraroll moving floor system is designed for businesses that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a small fleet of dedicated trailers.
  • Any business that want to load pallets of any sizes, drums, kegs, paper reels, stillages and loose packages in under 2 minutes.
  • It is widely used in the whisky industry for moving barrels and the automotive industry for tyre and wheel assemblies.
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the benefits of automated loading systems

Working with an automated loading system brings with it many advantages for your business. It gives you an opportunity to increase efficiency, enhance worker safety, make room for flexibility and add savings. 

There are a variety of reasons why it is of benefit to rationalise as to whether the investment and The Benefits of Automated Loading Systems are worthwhile for so many businesses. Automated loading systems also have a longer lifespan, which provides your business with a higher return on investment. We’ve drawn on some of our most popular benefits here…

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typical business case example

In the scenario that a business produces and ships a high number of pallets each day, we’ve put together an automated loading system typical business case example to help explain the benefits and how an ROI can be achieved with the investment of an automated loading system.

If a business is running a shuttle run from a factory to a warehouse and back again, they’ll benefit from an automated loading system with fewer people, trucks and forklifts.

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