After 20 years the Joloda Moving Floor system has now become the industry standard for moving spirits, due to the safety and flexibility it offers. One company McPhersons in Scotland who are the largest whisky transporter in the UK have over 50 Moving Floor trailers dedicated to moving barrels from maturation sites to warehouse.

McPhersons are the bulk spirits logistics specialists in Scotland and North England.  This ranges from the transportation of grain/malt to and from distilleries to the movement of Bulk Spirit all the way into its final destination at the bottling and packaging plants. They provide transport for all major whiskey brands, including Chivas and Teachers, as well as other spirits such as vodka and gin.


McPhersons are specialists in what they do. Moving large quantities of spirits around the UK, they require a loading system that offers them efficiency and flexibility and, above all, safety.

Moving large quantities of flammable liquid by road requires a solution that is safe, both in transport and during loading and unloading. When on the truck, the load needs to be fully secured and locked into place, so that it doesn’t move around in transit. Loading and unloading needs to be done in a controlled way, again to ensure safety, and the entire solution needs to be flexible so that it works with the systems in place at the many locations they deliver to.

The product is highly flammable so safety is of utmost importance therefore conforming to Atex regulations is a must for all equipment used in this industry which stands for Atmospheres Explosible. Our systems are all Atex compliant as we have a certified engineer responsible for the design, risks, documentation and components used in the system to ensure its explosion proof.


Working with McPhersons for a number of years, we have become their trusted partner for their loading and transportation solutions. Our Joloda Moving Floor system has become the solution of choice for them, as it gives them a significant advantage over their competitors in flexibility and safety.

The Joloda Moving Floor system is a flat system that reduces movement of the load during transit. For McPhersons we also fitted an automatic safety bar to reduce the movement even further. Our system is ATEX approved/certified, with all motors and electrical sensors fire and explosion proof. These measures ensure complete safety when moving hazardous or flammable loads.

The Joloda Moving Floor system is also fitted with an on board control unit that works in conjunction with the auto docks that McPhersons use, which also can be operated independently, giving the flexibility that they require.


McPherson have been using our solutions for over 20 years. The Joloda Moving Floor system gives them the flexibility they need to move whiskey barrels between distillery and bonds using the same trailers. The added safety means they know they can rely on the solution to deliver their loads safely and quickly.

"The system has been operating now for 20 years and is the preferred solution in the movement of whisky given the complete flexibility of the operation." 

Ian Jamieson of the Scottish Whiskey Association and Fleet Engineering Director of McPhersons

Joloda Hydraroll offer loading solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. If you’re interested in finding out how our moving floor systems can lighten your load, get in touch with a member of the team today.