Working with an automated loading system brings with it many advantages for your business. It gives you an opportunity to increase logistic efficiency, enhance worker safety, eliminate product damage and also make room for flexibility and add savings. 

Automated loading systems were developed to automate and speed up the typical labour-intensive process that happens in every production and warehousing set up, the shuttle run. There are a variety of reasons why it is of benefit to rationalise as to whether the investment of an automated loading system is worthwhile for so many businesses. Automated loading systems also have a longer lifespan, which provides your business with a higher return on investment. We’ve drawn on some of our most popular benefits here…

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reduced labour costs

Without an automated loading system, loading operations are labour intensive and require teams of employees working around the clock to perform effectively to ensure the factory’s output operation goes to plan. With teams of staff operating forklifts or other pallet loading equipment working in both the factory and the warehouse, in addition to the team of truck drivers shuttling pallets back and forth. Staffing, management, training costs are all reduced with a smaller, yet more productive workforce with our automated loading systems.

In addition, with more variables, there’s more reason for possibilities for certain processes in the operation to go wrong and bottlenecks can quickly occur. This can result in labour in other areas of the logistics operation.

Automating your loading system saves your business money. It requires less manpower involved in the storage and handling process and fewer people means less money spent on labour costs. 

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reduced machinery costs

With an automated loading system, a business can quickly eliminate 100% of expenses in running forklift trucks and about 50% of trailers that are used as part of the logistics operation. These pieces of machinery are expensive to purchase or lease. This will reduce the business’s costs when it comes to procurement of machinery, fuelling costs, maintenance costs and time when broken down, too.

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reduced damage to machinery

An automated loading system can also help to reduce damage to pieces of machinery, such as forklifts or trailers during the loading and unloading processes that are derived from human error. A common issue where damage is often caused is when forklifts drive back and forth into the trailer and align pallets on either side and either the forklift’s forks, the curtain-sided or box trailer, the pallets or even the load are damaged.

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reduced product damage

Automated loading systems can products being damaged by 100% when manoeuvring pallets in and out of trailers. Loading in one shot enables stock to move from the loading bay into the trailer without mishap. Products and equipment can often be damaged during these manoeuvring processes and can have a knock-on impact on the business’s operations, such as putting a forklift truck, a trailer, or members of staff out of action.

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independent operations

With an automated loading system, independence between internal operations and the loading logistical operations is gained. This means that the business can effectively run the two operations independent of one another, making each process more efficient and productive.

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enhanced use of space

Automated loading systems will also enable the business to make better use of the space in both the production and warehouse facilities, meaning they can increase their output by having less storage space in the loading dock area. For example, for three conventional docks, only one automated loading system is needed.

Automatic loading systems cut the time between unloading a truck and delivering the materials to the production starting point. Docking systems are integrated into the process flow, instead of treating them as a separate operation.

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versatile systems

Working in a warehouse requires exact precision and ‘just-in-time’ processing. PepsiCo, a global distributor of food products, utilised our fully-automated loading system in their Netherlands office. Our automated palletiser systems allowed their shipments to be perfectly aligned on the pallets, and each pallet is taken to the automatic dock.

Because our systems provide exact numbers regarding distance measurement, the warehouse team was able to decide at the last moment whether the trailers nearby could collect loads from PepsiCo. Utilising the systems makes it easier and more efficient for PepsiCo to get the job done.

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improved sustainability

We’ve learnt about how automated loading systems can benefit from reduced machinery fleets, including trucks, trailers, and forklifts, but there’s an added benefit that comes from it having an automated system installed, that’s current in world procurements processes; reduced CO2 emissions.

Thanks to better logistics efficiencies, our automated loading systems can help your business avoiding driving during peak driving hours, which subsequently, reduces the consumption of fuel and oil, thus reducing their environmental impact and improving their COfootprint, too.

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the benefits of sustainable logistics

Automated loading systems can significantly reduce the amount of Coyour business generates. By automating and streamlining your business's logistics operations with the use of our automated loading systems, we can help you to reduce your own emissions and operate in an eco-friendlier way. Our automated loading solutions, which are handy when you're dealing with lots of pallets, lighten the load by removing the need for forklift trucks. At the same time, they lower your emissions by eliminating this need; and, depending on how you power your forklift trucks, this reduces your own fuel consumption (and costs). Automation also reduces product damage, which translates into less waste. Learn more about The Benefits of Sustainable Logistics, here.

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elimination of accidents in the loading area

Not only managing, training, and overseeing staff to competently load and unload a trailer, but the added risk of if there is an accident, the added costs (including negligence costs) of investigations to ascertain exactly what happened and rectify processes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Forklifts are dangerous, especially when their loads are not well-balanced or when they travel with the forks too high. In the UK alone, around 1,300 labourers are hospitalised each year due to severe injuries following forklift accidents.

In contrast, an automated loading system eliminates the need for a forklift fleet, exponentially increasing workplace safety. These machines can be fitted to a number of safety devices, which work to reduce collisions and warehouse accidents.

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loading dock safety tips

Did you know that 25% of factory and warehouse accidents happen in or around the loading bay? It’s a worrying statistic that demonstrates a huge under-appreciation of the risks involved in the movement of goods ready for transport or storage.  It’s clear it’s having a significant impact on the industry as a whole despite a focus on the prevention of injuries.

Loading bays are thriving hubs of activity during operational hours, with goods packaged ready for loading being moved by forklift trucks (commonly referred to as FLT) to a variety of transport vehicles, from HGVs and articulated lorries through to trailers and vans. The loading approach can change from load to load, with the method of packing, the type of vehicle, and the loading space all creating their risks and hazards. Find out what are our Top 3 Loading Dock Safety Tips are, here.

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Ultimate Guide Safe Loading And Unloading Of Vehicles 01

the ultimate guide to safe loading and unloading of vehicles

Automated loading systems can significantly improve the health and safety of the loading dock. In our Ultimate Guide to Safe Loading and Unloading of Vehicles, we've looked at how to load trucks and trailers safely as well as at load securing, the different hazards logistics workers face when loading or unloading a vehicle, and the role of employers and employees in the loading and unloading vehicles safely. We also explore some of the issues operators and their workers face when dealing with chemicals.

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Return on investment calculation

typical business case example

In the scenario that a business produces and ships a high number of pallets each day, we’ve put together an automated loading system typical business case example to help explain the benefits and how an ROI can be achieved with the investment of an automated loading system.

If a business is running a shuttle run from a factory to a warehouse and back again, they’ll benefit from an automated loading system with fewer people, trucks and forklifts.

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our solutions

moving floor

The Moving Floor system is ideal for any business that needs to load abnormal pallets or unpalletised goods, such as whiskey barrels or tyres.

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our solutions


The Slipchain system is designed for all customers that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a small fleet of dedicated trailers. 

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our solutions


The Trailerskate system is designed for businesses with a high-volume logistics shuttle case with a larger fleet of trailers. 

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Around the world, we’re known as the number one; the global leader in loading and unloading solutions. This is not only because we are the largest but also the first too; we've been pioneering loading solutions since 1962.

What truly makes us great is our fantastic product assortment supported by the best partners worldwide. We have an experienced network of 30+ distributors that also support an aftersales network, which is key, especially for automatic loading and unloading. 

Learn more about our global distributor network here.

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