Truck loading conveyor systems are common in the world of supply chain logistics. They make loading more efficient and, just like us at Joloda Hydraroll, they lighten the loads.

There are many different types of conveyor systems for loading trucks, two of the main ones being flexible powered conveyors, which are powered by an external source and, because of their flexible frames, are adaptable to their environments; and gravity conveyors, which, unlike powered conveyors, don’t afford the operator the luxury of an external power source and, instead, rely on gravity to move loads, the gravity being either an incline or someone pushing the load manually.

But there’s no rule in logistics that to make your operations easier or more efficient, you absolutely have to have a truck loading conveyor system. Below is a look at three reasons you might be sceptical of investing in a truck loading system, plus a discussion of some of our own systems and how they can help you.


reason one not to have a truck loading conveyor system: maintenance and breakdown

reason one not to have a truck loading conveyor system: maintenance and breakdown

Equipment needs maintenance, both by the standard on-site employees and by specialists, the latter performing specialised maintenance. Performing regular and planned maintenance will help conveyors run smoothly and efficiently. This preventive care is important and will spare you heartache (from a business perspective) in the long run.

Naturally, conveyors, just like any other piece of equipment, are at risk of suffering faults and breaking down. A breakdown and the need for emergency maintenance can disrupt operations for an unpredictable length of time — bad news in logistics because the chances are you have some kind of deadline or delivery date to meet. Breakdowns translate into lost productivity and incur a financial cost, which is why it’s important to conduct routine planned maintenance and conduct repairs sooner rather than later. The cost of repairs is likely to be far less than the losses a breakdown can trigger.


reason two not to have a truck loading conveyor system: design and setup

reason two not to have a truck loading conveyor system: design and setup

Design and setup are big considerations when it comes to installing a truck loading conveyor system. Safety is paramount, but you also have to consider:

  • the loads you’ll be handling — the size, corrosiveness, flammability, content, moisture and abrasiveness of any materials you’re handling, and the temperature at which they must be kept;
  • the amount of workspace you have versus the size of the conveyor;
  • the location you plan to set up the conveyor and the drop-off point, as well as any other pick-up points in the process;
  • the time necessary for moving items;
  • whether the conveyor system should be fixed or portable;
  • whether it should be modular.

These are just some aspects to consider, and they make setting up a conveyor complex.


reason three not to have a truck loading conveyor system: spare parts

Reason three not to have a truck loading conveyor system: spare parts

Finding spare parts can be challenging. Not all conveyor parts are easily available. If you have to order replacement parts, depending on the type of conveyor and the manufacturer, they could take a long time to arrive. This is another reason why it’s important to conduct regular, planned maintenance on equipment, so you can identify early any parts of the system that might give up on you and, to minimise disruption, order the parts in advance. Think of it as a pre-emptive strike on a breakdown or malfunction.


alternative truck loading solutions from Joloda Hydraroll...

Fortunately, we offer trucking loading solutions that can lighten the load when it comes to transferring your items from warehouse, factory or other locations to and from your truck trailers.


manual loading solutions

If you’re looking for a no-fuss system that’s quick to install and is reliable to operate, our manual loading systems can help you out.

Skate and track system

Our skate and track systems provide an excellent option if you’re struggling for space and don’t have any dock levellers. These systems can handle up to 3.5 tonnes, and you don’t need a forklift truck either. You simply place skates into sunken track into the floor of the vehicle; push the handle to lift the load; and push the load in or out of the vehicle. It’s safe, efficient and easy to maintain, and is purposely designed for trucks and light vehicles.

Roller track systems

Our roller track systems also help you to make light work of your loading and unloading operations. Integrate the built-in rollerbed into the floor of your truck, van or trailer — we can tailor the system to your specifications — or choose the modular rollerbed, which you can place on the existing flat floor of your vehicle and doesn’t need any permanent modifications. Just like the skate and track system, maintenance is easy, and the system allows swift loading and unloading of heavy loads. It’s also incredibly safe, and no forklift trucks are necessary to use the equipment.


automated loading solutions

You can lighten the load even more with our automated loading solutions and boast the efficiency of your operations. It’s possible to load your trailer in just a few minutes and do so in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Moving floor

The moving floor solution is safe, simple and efficient, and is ideal for loading pallets of any size. All you have to do is set up the floor in your truck, load the items onto the coils and these will transport them into your truck or, if they’re already inside the truck, out of for it easy unloading. There’s no need to drive inside of the trailer with a forklift truck.


The slipchain solution is just a set of tracks that rise up out of the track platform and shift your load from inside of the truck or into it from the slipchain dock. All it takes is the push of a button once you’ve loaded the dock to get things moving. It’s safe, efficient and easy to integrate into any building or trailer, or to connect to production line conveyors. You also don’t have to modify it too heavily.


The trailerskate uses skates to make easy, efficient loading and unloading possible. The skates sit on a loading dock that connects to the floor of the trailer. The trailerskate collects the pallets or other load and transfers it to the skates to move it from the trailer or into it. If you have a high-volume logistics business and a large fleet, the trailerskate is an ideal loading option and, like the slipchain and moving floor, makes loading and unloading extremely safe.

Truck loading conveyor systems may have their benefits, but some of the maintenance and careful planning required to incorporate them into your space may make you a little wary or even indecisive about whether to install one. We’re happy to advise you on our loading solutions and help you lighten your loads with our safe, efficient technology.

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