50 years on and the Joloda Skate and Track is still one of the world’s leading truck loading system. Awarded the prestigious British Design Award in 1977, the Skate and Track system has enabled customers worldwide to load/unload pallets and news print paper rolls safely and quickly. There are over 1000 trucks loading/unloading with this system in Japan.

Used already by companies such as UPM Kymmene, Aylesford Newsprint, Allied Bakeries and Dometic Corporation in the USA, the Skate and Track system can be used to load and unload individual items up to 3.5 tonnes. BMW in Germany who have used the system for nearly 10 years for unloading car exhausts and bumpers on to their docks for their production

The Joloda skates are used in recessed tracks either in the trailer or dock floor. The skates and load are simply raised by pulling down the handle. This then means that the load, which can be any weight up to 3.5 tonnes, is ‘live’ and can be freely pushed the length of the trailer or out onto a dock. The skates include manual and automatic breaking, self-centering and minimal maintenance as the system cleans itself when it is in use. With the added bonus that no power is needed so it can be used anywhere. 

With the potential to reduce loading times, increase load volumes and big savings on labour and fork lift costs, this simple, safe and economical system make it the obvious choice for your loading needs.