Joloda Hydraroll takes the load off in all loading scenarios. Taplanes is a Harrogate based bathroom pod manufacturer serving the Hotel and Student Accommodation market. They came to Joloda Hydraroll looking for a solution to help them manage the increased demand for their products through faster and more efficient loading.


Demand for Taplanes products had significantly increased leading to an investment in a new Euro 6, 7m long Micra Bodies Truck. This increased their capacity as their previous truck was only 4m. With a large sector of their business in schools and universities, the company was working in a short window of 6 weeks of the summer holidays to get pods delivered. Loading a much longer truck body was more difficult. the pods simply slid in and out of the shorter bodied truck. With the longer truck body, this would have proved strenuous due to the weight of the pods, was more susceptible to damage and time-consuming.


Joloda Hydraroll proposed a Skate & Track system as it not only provided more efficient loading but also eliminated the risk of product damage. The pods are moved into the vehicle using the skates instead of hand pushing. Joloda skates are placed in recessed tracks and rolled under the load, the skates and load are then raised by pulling down the handles. This then means that the load, which can be any weight up to 3.5 tonnes, is ‘live’, and can be freely pushed the length of the trailer.  The skates include manual and automatic braking, self-centring and minimal maintenance as the system cleans itself when it is in use.


Taplanes were able to meet the increase in demand by loading their larger trailer more efficiently and safely and by using a larger vehicle, less delivery runs also meant a reduction in their carbon footprint.