Transport company Patinter is a family owned freight road company from Portugal running since 1968. With its fleet of over 2000 vehicles it is one of the leading companies on the Iberian peninsula.

They have been using Joloda Hydraroll modular rollertrack systems for over 10 years and have just added another 14 trailers equipped with modular rollertracks, to their current fleet of 30 rollerbed trailers.  They choose this system every time as it’s a ‘very simple and reliable system with no product damages recorded over the last 10 years’


In the air cargo industry, time is at a premium and accuracy is key.

Patinter were looking for a partner that could provide a loading solution that was safe, quick, and controlled.


10 years ago we introduced to them the rollerbed system, where the rollers are pneumatically raised for the easy movement of loads, pallets or containers into the trailer.  The rollers are lowered when not in use, so the load is then safely located on the floor for transit.

Another important feature is that forklifts are allowed to drive on the surface of the system and it allows full aircargo container capabilities. Since then Joloda Hydraroll have developed the modular rollerbed system which enables companies with existing trailer in their fleet to be in the air cargo business overnight!

The system is supplied in 3 or 4 framed sections, (depending on trailer length) each section is fitted with lanes of rollers then placed onto the trailer floor and simply connected together.

Any transporter with standard trailers in their fleet,  a modular rollerbed is the ideal roller system for vehicles of any age and type as the floor is simply laid on top of the existing floor. Minimal modification work is needed to the trailer. It is so easily installed and takes only 6 hours as it is not permanently fixed into the floor, as the conventional rollerbed systems are - these can take 2-3 days to install. So in just 1 day you have a rollerbed trailer.


The floor is designed for moving aircargo but has now been adapted to move standard pallets.

 As the system is fundamentally ‘portable’ it can be easily removed and re-installed in another trailer if needed. Modular rollerbeds are especially favoured for refrigerated vehicles as it prevents having to cut into the expensive insulated floor to install the conventional rollerbed systems. Modular rollerbed basically gives flexibility and meets instant demand to cope with seasonal peaks or short term contracts.

“Loading and unloading of all ULD’s goes very smooth and quick. Besides for transporting air cargo, we see growing interest in other industries as well for such solutions." 

Mr Pedro Polonio, Company Director.