When we met Skyroad Logistics at the Munich Air Cargo Show, they were looking for a solution that would help them deal with peak demand. When they told us how difficult it was to find trucks in Australia, built to the specifications they needed, we knew we had the perfect solution.

Skyload Logistics is a transport company providing road feeder services to all the major airports in Australia. They move air cargo to and from the airports and are headquartered in Melbourne, with a subsidiary in Sydney.


Skyload Logisitcs were looking for a partner that could help them deal with increased demand, particularly when they had unexpected peaks.

Working with air cargo, the trucks and trailers they use need to be designed to deal with these specialised loads. This meant that they faced long lead times when commissioning a new vehicle for their fleet. When they saw a short-term customer demand that required new equipment, immediately, they found it difficult to meet this requirement. Commissioning new trucks and trailers for a short-term increase was not cost efficient.

Skyroad were looking for a solution that meant they could scale-up quickly when demand increased, without the long lead times and high cost that commissioning a new truck and trailer would entail.


Talking to the Skyroad team and hearing about the challenges they faced, we were able to identify a solution that would meet all their requirements: modular rollerbed system - Trailers & Trucks.

The modular roller bed system is retrofitted and allows quick and safe loading of air cargo into trailers.

The system is fitted on top of the trailer floor and can be fitted in a few hours, meaning that the trailer is equipped to handle air cargo loads and ready for the road that same day.

The modular rollerbed system can be fitted to standard trailers, without the need to cut into the floor or change the dimensions of the trailer, meaning that it can be easily fitted and is perfect for short term contracts, or unexpected peaks in demand.

The system can also be moved from one trailer to another, meaning that they can simply remove it and install it into a new truck when they upgrade their fleet.

It provides a quick and cost-efficient system, without the need for commissioning trailers to keep up with demand.


Using the modular rollerbed system, Skyroad can scale their capacity quickly, to keep up with demand.  Skyroad have reduced costs, as they can order a new truck and trailer and upgrade it themselves, rather than having to order a specialised trailer. This also significantly reduces the lead time when getting a new truck on the road, giving them much more flexibility for their customers.

"We did our first customer installation of Joloda Trailerloda and it looks and works great. Brisbane won’t know how it tolerated live roller trucks and open decks when this is the industry standard now!"

Mr. P. Assel Founder & Managing Director Skyroad Group