VCK Logistics is a multimodal worldwide logistics company specialising in container shipping.  Their customer Gulf Extrusion manufactures aluminium profiles for automotive, construction and Trailer industries.


Loading of the aluminium profiles was by use of a crane and an open top container. Open top containers are more expensive and harder to secure due to the nature of their loading. 


Joloda Hydraroll's expertise in loading identified that by investing in a one shot container loading system could increase productivity and save cost.  The One shot system works with standard 40 ISO containers which are cheaper and more readily available than open top containers.  The systems enables the loading of long, heavy and wide loads into a container on the ground, the perfect solution for Gulf Extrusion and VCK.  


2 systems were purchased one for loading in Dubai, the other for unloading in Amsterdam.  The systems provided both time and cost savings in loading and unloading of Gulf Extrusions containers.  

"The Joloda Hydraroll system creates a more efficient loading and unloading process for the customer as well as significant cost savings"

Rolf Van Strijbos, Terminal Manager, VCK Logistics.