JCB in Uttoxeter export parts for their large industrial machines to their other factories around the world in standard shipping containers. The empty container is delivered to site for loading.  Usually they would hire a crane to lift off the container and lower to the floor for loading by FLT. This requires pre-booking of special cranes, significant hire cost and ensuring space for these cranes to operate. 

Using the Joloda container lifting system the system comprises of the Container Jacking system which is 4 free standing posts capable of lifting 35 tonnes in total. The individual legs locate into the corner casting of the container and lock into position via conventional twist locks. All legs are connected to a central control box and operated by a pendant.

This system works out at 25% the cost of a conventional fork truck or cranage typically used to unload these containers.

JCB find this system ideal as they can lift off a container for loading anywhere around their vast site and anytime of the day, there is no waiting time for crane arrival. They load 3-4 containers a week so the cost saving is remarkable.

This system works in conjunction with the Joloda Container Loading System. Using this system the goods can loaded easily into the container using the hydraulically operated skates.

Using the complete Joloda container system eradicates the need to use top or side loading containers which are not readily available, all can be used in standard end loading, low cost containers which save around £1000 per container!

All equipment is removed after use and stored for when next needed.