what are modular rollerbed loading solutions for vans?

Our modular rollerbed system offers the possibility of upgrading  your van  from a standard unit to a rollerbed vehicle to ease your pallet handling.  Our solution for vans is a pneumatically operated pallet loading system, featuring rise and fall rollerbed to load and unload small vehicles safely and quickly. 

The system consists of several connected lightweight aluminium frames equipped with integrated Hydraroll roller tracks.  It is powered by 12v low current compressor, internally fitted within the roller bed dimensions and connected via the cigarette lighter socket of the transporter van. It has an air operated valve, deactivated via door closure in case of operator error.

Within two hours your van can be fitted with a modular rollerbed system without any permanent modifications


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why choose a modular rollerbed loading solution for your van?

  • Driver does not need to enter van to load or unload the pallets
  • No forklift needed to push or pull pallets in and out; just roll in and roll out
  • Less damages due to simple loading and unloading procedure
  • 100% safe during loading, when in transit and during unloading
  • Connected by 12v low current compressor via cigarette lighter socket

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who should use this loading solution?

Our modular rollerbed solution can be used by anyone who struggles to move heavy pallets in and out of their van. It makes an ideal van accessory for the city and urban delivery of palletised goods in the paper, print, parcel industry, office equipment, and food and drink markets.

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