Amelia Knight cosmetics who supply cosmetics to Asda, Primark and many other large retailers have invested in another Vanloda system bringing further efficiencies to their deliveries.  Their cosmetic products are moved in metal containers which sit on pallets to various locations. The Vanloda allows the heavy pallet to be easily rolled in and out of the van.

 They previously used straps and ropes to load and unload but now with Vanloda they have reduced loading times, provide safe loading conditions for their drivers and no van damage.

The van was supplied by Matt Walker from Volkswagen Van Centre in Stoke,  the Vanloda system was supplied from stock and fitted in just a few hours,  so by the next day the van was on the road making deliveries.

This is the third system they have fitted for their transport, doing 6 loads per day.

Arriving at the unloading destination the container on the pallet is simply rolled to the back of the van and lifted out with a fork lift truck , the whole process taking about a minute whereas before this would mean dragging out with ropes potentially causing injury and taking around 20 mins.

Amelia Knight will now only use Vanloda in their delivery fleet.