What are rollertrack loading solutions?  

Looking to shift your air cargo pallets, air cargo containers or block pallets fast? Lighten the load with the Hydraroll pneumatic roller tracks!

With our pneumatic operated rise & fall roller track solutions we turn the handling of any palletized load into an easy, simple and safe operation.    

Joloda offers roller track solutions for vans, trucks & trailers and warehouse floors. Choose between our built-in systems for tailormade solutions in truck & trailer floors or our modular rollerbed systems for retrofitting, upgrading or converting vehicles and warehouses.


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types of rollertrack loading solutions

Built-in Rollerbed System

Modular Rollerbed Systems

Powered Cargo Roller System

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why choose a rollertrack loading solution?

Joloda Hydrarolls pneumatic rollertrack is known worldwide for:

  • Faster loading and unloading of aircargo, Standard pallets or any special heavy load (for example Aircraft engines, Large machines etc.)
  • It's 100% safety during loading and while the cargo is in transit and the rollers are always down.
  • Reduced risks for drivers when loading from the back
  • Reduces the cost as it removes the need for forklifts
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who should use these loading solutions?

Joloda Hydraroll’s pneumatic rollertrack is used worldwide by:

  • Transport companies that provide aircargo road feeder services. i.e. drive aircargo from airport to airport, store and handle aircargo containers.
  • Large fleet owners that load and unload large volumes of standard pallets without forklifts or pallet trucks entering into the trailers. Examples are:
    • Transport of pallets from buildings without dock levellers
    • Transport of pallets in (expensive) reefer trailers. Owners want to avoid forkllifts entering the trailers.
  • Any fleet owner that has the vision to break with traditional loading and unloading; i.e. no forklifts or pallet trucks but just roll in and secure your load
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our manual loading solutions brochure

If you’re looking for the right manual loading solution for your business and warehouse, download a copy of our free Manual Loading Solutions brochure. 

From benefits to best practice, discover how to lighten the load with one of our Rollertrack Loading Systems, Powered Cargo Rollers Systems, Container Loading Systems and Container Lifting Systems and many more...

800Px MK21 Module

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As part of our continued efforts to prolong the longevity of our loading systems, we've put together this spare parts section where you'll be able to find replacement parts and spare parts for all your favourite Joloda Hydraroll systems.

Maintenance is key to ensuring that loading equipment's longevity is preserved.

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case studies

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Effortless Truck Loading

One person can man these systems with minimal effort.

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No Time Wasted

Save time loading and unloading vehicles and moving goods around warehouses.

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Versatile Loading and Unloading System

Available as a fixed or modular system, our rollertrack is ultimately flexible to suit your needs.

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automated loading solutions

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