Powered cargo rollers provide a seamless and controlled movement of air cargo, eliminating the need for manual pushing or relying on gravity.

Loading and unloading AKEs and air cargo pallets in and out of trucks - why not do it with a button?  The system comprises rise and fall DC 24V rollers combined with a pneumatic rollertack. It handles all flat-bottomed ULD containers and transportation pallets up to 20,000 kgs with no product damage.

This feature ensures safe and efficient loading and unloading processes in diverse environments. Whether it’s loading heavy cargo onto trucks, transferring goods in distribution centres, or handling oversized items at airports.

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New product launch

introducing the modular rollerbed with powered cargo rollers

In a bid to further help air cargo businesses lighten their load, this week, we have launched the modular Powered Cargo Rollers (PCR) system for the air cargo industry. The system is the first of its kind that can be retrofitted to any standard trailer due to its unique, low-profile design (measuring just 68mm in height).

The new Powered Cargo Roller unit is now available as part of Joloda Hydraroll’s range of Modular Rollerbed Systems (MRS). The MRS concept is to transform any standard trailer into a rollerbed vehicle for handling all types of air cargo equipment, including PMC pallets and ULDs.

Read more in the New Product Launch: Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers news article.

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see it in action

The Modular Rollerbed System (MRS) with Powered Cargo Rollers (PCR) is designed to help the Air Cargo handling industry lighten its load. The retrofit solution can be fitted into new or existing trailer fleets to convert any standard trailer into an air cargo-carrying, road feeder service trailer.

In this video, you'll see how this innovative system can significantly affect air cargo handling efficiency and safety, allowing operators to move ULDs and pallets effortlessly and accurately. With our system, you'll be able to load and unload cargo more quickly and increase the overall efficiency of your operation. Plus, our powered rollers make it easier to position cargo accurately, reducing the risk of product damage and human injury.

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slimline to streamline

The Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers is compatible with any standard trailer design; eliminating the need for extensive design modifications and saving valuable time by allowing builders to streamline their manufacturing processes.

The system features a slimline design, where the depth is just 68mm. This shallower profile can be easily installed, integrated, or embedded into existing trailer floors without requiring additional framework or cradles. As a result, this saves on weight and space.

The system can be installed within a day, enabling trailer builders to expedite production timelines and deliver trailers much quicker than ever before. 

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Increase customer satisfaction

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enable orders to be fulfilled quicker

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Improve operational efficiencies

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Increased productivity

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Increase profitability

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utilise off-the-shelf products

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reduce engineering hours

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plug & play

The Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers enables businesses in the Road Feeder Service industry to easily retrofit their existing trailers without the need for extensive modifications or technical expertise.

The system comes fully assembled and is ready to ‘plug & play’ meaning businesses can benefit from the convenience and its versatility. It’s now easier than ever before to optimise air cargo loading processes, as logistics companies are no longer dependent on long lead times for special trailers; which reduces lead times and gives them more control over their operations.

The system is a more sustainable and efficient solution as it is removable and can be reinstalled into new trailers. It can be installed in any ‘off-the-shelf’ trailer, such as curtain siders, box trailers and temperature-controlled trailers.

all in a day's work...

The retrofit Modular Rollerbed Solution with Powered Cargo Rollers can be installed in as little time as a day allowing for a quick conversion and enabling your trailer fleet to quickly get back on the road. Just follow these 4 steps...

Before installation

ready to be installed

sliding in the frames

after installation

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basics of design

The slimline Powered Cargo Rollers design is only 68mm in height and can fit inside the MRS platform, meaning the powered cargo roller system can be easily retrofitted or installed into existing trailer floors without requiring additional framework or cradles.

The design of the frames is based on aluminium floorboards, which feature pneumatic rise and fall rollertrack modules. No welding is required to make a frame. The frames are supplied preassembled and ready for installation on top of a flush floor.

The system is available in either a 5 or 6-lane configuration. The final frame (at the trailer door) features pallet stops.

a safety first solution

The Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Roller System prioritises safety in several aspects, offering enhanced protection for both operators and the cargo being transported.

No Pushing

Firstly, the powered nature of the system eliminates the reliance on physical pushing from employees. This means that operators no longer need to exert physical force to load or unload cargo manually, reducing the risk of strains, injuries, and musculoskeletal issues caused by repetitive manual labour.

Controlled Loading

Secondly, by providing a powered solution, the system ensures that cargo is loaded and unloaded in a controlled manner, reducing the chances of mishaps, or damage caused by uncontrolled movements. Also, the system prevents operators from misusing the system meaning the loading process is conducted safely.

No Trapping or Tripping

Finally, operators do not need to enter the truck during the loading and unloading process, which eliminates the risk of operators from being in front of the pallet, which prevents accidents, trip hazards, falls, or being struck by moving cargo.

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oversized loads

The MRS PCR system offers a safe and efficient solution for loading oversized air cargo, including aerospace engines. The system helps air freight companies accommodate oversized air cargo loads, as it can load a 13.6m trailer in 90 seconds.

With the PCR system, the loading and unloading process ensures the operation is conducted in a controlled manner and therefore, increases operational efficiency. This, in turn, reduces downtime and improves overall productivity for logistics companies.

Finally, the PCR system eliminates the use of forklifts, as oversized cargo can be loaded from the rear (rather than the side) directly onto the loading platform onto the rear of the trailer.

suitable for all shapes & sizes






Special Air Cargo Containers

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why choose a powered cargo roller loading solution?

  • Loads air cargo containers automatically 
  • Provides a safer and more efficient means of loading and unloading air cargo
  • Eliminates side loading, pallets are loaded/unloaded automatically through the rear of the vehicle from a scissor conveyor
  • System retracts during transit providing load stability
  • Braked motor prevents roll out when power is not applied
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Download here

get the powered cargo rollers data sheet

Get your hands on a copy of the Modular ROllerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers to learn about the additional benefits and the technical specifications that this system can provide your road feeder service business.

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case study

Making every second count for Perishable Movements Ltd

Find out how we got Perishble Movements Ltd moving with our powered cargo roller system.

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