Looking to load and unload block pallets or air cargo and ULDs (Unit Load Devices) quickly and safely? With our Built-in Rollerbed system, you can make the handling of any load an efficient, simple and safe operation.

The built-in rollerbed system is integrated into the floor of a transport vehicle and is perfect for those seeking a loading and unloading solution while retaining maximum internal trailer height. 

With a lifting capacity of 550kg per module per metre, thanks to our Pneumatic Rollertrack (PRT) technology which uses air to safely lift and lower the rollers, we can offer the ideal solution to meet your needs, no matter the load.

The pneumatic rise and fall rollers can be operated by a single user, either from the trailer-mounted control box or a pendant switch control, meaning even the heaviest loads can be loaded and unloaded by a single employee.

Read on to find out how the features of our built-in rollerbed system can benefit your business. 

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built-in rollertrack works with

Joloda Hydraroll Icons Loaded Pallet

works with wooden pallets

414423.001 Joloda Icon Creation ULD

works with air cargo ULD's

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works with metal pallets

Air Tank

how it lightens your load

pneumatic rise and fall system

The Built-in Rollerbed system comprises a series of lanes/modules of rollers that are built into the floor of a trailer. The rollers are raised and lowered by the use of a pneumatic function which can either utilise an optional air resrvoir tank, the vehicle auxiliary air reservoir tank or the vehicle's air suspension tank.

Picture 19

complete control

operated by a single user

The rollers can be raised or lowered by a single operator using either a pendant control or a control box fitted to the vehicle. Sections of the Built-in rollertrack can be operated individually to have complete and safe control over your load.

IMG 3707

space saving

retain maximum interal trailer height

The Built-in Rollerbed system is the best manual loading solution for those looking to retain the maximum internal height of the trailer. This is a significant advantage for mega-trailer users in Europe in the context of European Union (EU) regulations that strictly limit the height of trailers to 4 meters.



customisable for your needs

The specific type of rollers, how many lanes of rollers and how many rollers that will be right for your use-case will depend factors such as: how heavy the load is, what type of load the trailer is carrying and the type of trailer. Whatever your operation, we have a solution to lighten your load. Keep reading to find yours today. 

Carry on reading to find out more about our customisable rollers and top plates. 

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how we keep our users safe

system safety

In the logistics industry, efficiency is critical but safety cannot be compromised. Our Built-in Rollerbed System is engineered to make loading and unloading an efficient, simple, and, above all, a safe operation. We understand the significance of safety in logistics, we invite you to carry on reading to learn more about our comprehensive safety features and how they can benefit your business. 

Picture 15

stop accidents in their tracks

pallet stops

Our modular rollerbed system comes complete with four integrated pallet stops, as standard. The pallet stops work as a measure, preventing cargo from rolling out of the trailer.

Picture 16

easier and safer unloading

pallet ramps

The system can be supplied with a small ramp for each pallet row. The ramp slows down the pallet at a controlled pace when being rolled towards the door opening and makes it easier for a forklift to lift the pallet off the frames.

IMG 9106 B&W

securing your loads

autodown roller function

Our rollerbed systems are equipped with an Autodown safety feature as standard. In the scenario that a section of the rollerbed isn't lowered before the vehicle sets off, the autodown feature will lower any raised rollers to prevent the cargo from being 'live' whilst in transit. This works because of an electric valve that is connected to the vehicle's brake pedal that sends an electronic pulse to the control box and activates the exhaust valve.

air safety

pressure protection valve (PPV)

The built-in rollerbed is equipped with a Pressure Protection Valve (PPV) which prevents the vehicle's air level from dropping below critical levels ensuring any potential issue with system will not affect the functionality of the vehicle. 

streamlined solutions, whatever your load

truck loading solutions

warehouse loading solutions

van loading solutions



find the perfect roller to suit your needs

When we say we have the perfect solution for your logistics needs, we mean it. No matter what industry you operate in our systems can lighten your load. We're able to do this in part, because of our wide range of tried and tested roller designs. 

Your priorities may include from the ability to handle an array of loads or retaining maximum internal trailer height, no matter the use-case, we have the solution for you. 

You can schedule a free zero-obligation consultation with a member of our Systems team today to discuss your specific needs or read on to learn more about our roller customisations. 

Read on to learn more about our roller designs. 

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MK 4 Recoloured (1)

mk 4

versatility, defined

The MK4-type single rollertrack module, featuring a robust 50mm-wide roller, plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal support for pallets during the loading and unloading process. The 50mm-wide roller not only provides a stable and secure surface for pallets but also ensures that the weight distribution is evenly maintained. This feature is especially crucial in preventing any potential damage or distortion to the pallets during transportation. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and safety, the MK4-type rollertrack module exemplifies the brand's dedication to delivering innovative and reliable solutions for the diverse needs of the logistics industry. This roller design can be paired with either the heavy-duty or the quick release top plate to ensure the best solution for your specific needs.


mk 17

the block pallet specialist

The MK 17 features our widest roller available for the built-in rollerbed system and is built to expertly handle a wide variety of block pallets. This wide and durable roller design comes with the heavy-duty top plate design, built to handle the rigorous demands of your block pallets logistics operations. 

MK21 For Photoshopartboard 1

mk 21

an air cargo powerhouse

The MK21 twin roller track is the ideal solution for loading and unloading air cargo as it offers the greatest support with its twin rollers. This roller design can be paired with the heavy-duty, limited debris or the quick release top plates to ensure the best solution for your specific needs.

MK Revised

MK 24

the lowest height roller for air cargo

The MK24 twin wide-spread rollertrack is the ideal solution for loading and unloading air cargo when retaining maximum internal height is your priority, such as in the EU where the height of the trailer is subject to strict regulation. This low-height twin roller design comes with our debris-limiting top plate design which reduce  the volume of debris and ingress in the main channel and reduces the time needed for maintenance.

our services


top plate designs

We understand the diverse needs of our clients, and that's why we offer a range of top plate designs to cater to your specific requirements. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions is reflected in the following top plate options:

heavy-Duty Top Plate

outstanding durability

For rugged operations where forklifts need to be operational inside the vehicle, our 5mm heavy-duty top plate design is the perfect solution. Engineered to withstand challenging logistics environments, this option ensures durability and longevity. It is tailored for operations that demand robust performance in loading and unloading processes.

Quick-Release Top Plates

maximum up-time

In logistics time is of the essence. Our 3.5mm quick-release top plates are designed for users who prioritise efficient maintenance and minimal downtime. The quick-release top plates help get your system back up and operational in no time at all. This option is particularly advantageous for those who seek a balance between seamless operations and quick, hassle-free maintenance procedures.

Built It Rollerbed Systems 1

limited opening top plate

don't let debris slow you down

Experience a 30% reduction in debris such as pallet shredding with our limited top plate roller opening. This not only minimises maintenance needs but also ensures that your system stays fully operational. The innovative design focuses on preventing pallet-related issues, making it an ideal choice for those looking to streamline operations and minimise downtime.

Global Icon 01


world leaders in loading solutions

We've partnered up with over 30 global distributors to offer a helping hand to have experts in local standards. This is precisely why around the world, we’re known as the number one for loading and unloading solutions. 

Learn more about our global distributor network here.

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Product Damageartboard 1

reduce product damage

reduce cargo damage

Product and vehicle damage are very real concerns when it comes to loading and unloading. Using a built-in rollerbed system reduces the opportunity for a forklift to damage the inside of your trailer. Additionally, as cargo can be safely rolled into the trailer without using a forklift this reduces the opportunity for loads to be pierced by forklift forks and damage the load. 


increase efficiency

reduce labour required

The built-in rollerbed system enables loading and unloading to be completed by a single operator in a safe and efficient manner. Additionally, this system reduce the number forklift drivers and staff members required to load or unload a trailer, dramatically reducing the number of employees needed for this process. 

Pdf1artboard 1 Copy 8

reduce driver wait times

save time during loading and unloading

By implementing a built-in rollerbed system the time saved compared to traditional loading and unloading processes is phenomenal. Where in the past you would have to wait for a forklift to enter or drive to the side of a vehicle and back to the loading bay, you can simply roll cargo in and out effortlessly. This in turn reduces HGV (heavy goods vehicle) driver wait times, truly increasing your logistics operational efficiency. 

PRT Iconsartboard 1

massive savings

reduce operational costs

By eliminating the need for forklifts this in-turn removes the demand for forklift drivers and the costs associated in the up-keep and maintenance of forklifts. Additionally, you may even be able to reduce your fleet size and still hit your goals due the time savings that are made during loading and unloading. 

Co2 Logo Resized1artboard 1

reduce your carbon footprint

more sustainable

Our built-in roller bed solution reduces the need for a forklift during loading and unloading operations of a trailer which not only means less energy used, but you will also see a reduction in Co2 emissions. Additionally, your company made finds itself needing to use less vehicles to achieve its goals due to the time saved during loading and unloading. 

Icons 01

proven durability

built to last

We've been lightening loads for over 60+ years and know the rigorous demands of the transport industry. That's why we've designed our system to require minimal maintenance and be 100% free of any lubricants.

MLS Mockup


our manual loading solutions brochure

If you’re looking for the right manual loading solution for your business and warehouse, download a copy of our free Manual Loading Solutions brochure. 

From benefits to best practice, discover how to lighten the load with one of our Rollertrack Loading Systems, Powered Cargo Rollers Systems, Container Loading Systems and Container Lifting Systems and many more...

12344Artboard 1 Copy (1)

where our products are made

manufacturing excellence

We are proud to manufacture our loading systems at our world-class manufacturing facility in Liverpool, England, as well as Anglesey, Wales, North Carolina, US and Oostrum, Netherlands. By having complete control over the manufacturing process, we ensure the highest quality engineering design and standards of manufacture. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence has earned us a reputation for delivering products that are durable, reliable, and built to last. 





Electricalartboard 2

quality assured

extensive testing

Before our innovative solutions reach the market, they undergo rigorous testing procedures, where they are subjected to a predetermined number of cycles. This meticulous testing process ensures that the rollerbed systems can withstand the demanding conditions of real-world logistics environments.

The predetermined number of cycles is a crucial aspect of the testing phase, as it simulates the repeated loading and unloading scenarios that our built-in roller bed will encounter in daily operations. 

By subjecting the built-in rollerbed system to a predetermined cycle count, we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that its products exceed expectations. This commitment to quality testing instils confidence in customers, as they can rely on these rollerbed systems to consistently perform under the demanding conditions of logistics operations.

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our quality guarantee

12-month warranty

We stand behind the quality and performance of our products and installations. As a testament to our confidence, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our systems and installations. This warranty provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing that we are committed to their satisfaction and the long-term reliability of our loading systems.

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why choose us?

60 Years' Experience


Multiple Industries


Fully Accredited


High Quality Design


keep rolling in extreme conditions

perfect for frozen goods

Our built-in roller bed system stands as an exemplary solution for efficiently loading and unloading refrigerated trailers in extreme conditions, such as temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. Specifically designed for insulated and specially conditioned vehicles, this system offers specific roller track designs that can withstand the harsh environment of frozen goods transport.

IMG 0637

setting the standard

market leaders

We have established ourselves as the market leader for built-in rollerbed solutions over out 60+ years of manufacturing logistics solutions, setting a benchmark for innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Our unwavering to providing cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Efficiency and reliability are at the core ofollerbed solutions. The integrated design seamlessly incorporates our built-in roller bed into various transportation systems, optimising the loading and unloading processes. This results in significant time savings and increased productivity for businesses across diverse industries. The streamlined operations facilitated by our built-in rollerbed solutions contribute to cost reductions and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Storesartboard 2

trusted by the biggest brands

first choice for trailer builders

At Joloda Hydraroll, we're proud to be the trusted choice of many of the world's largest trailer building companies. Our rollerbed solution has earned a reputation for excellence, solidifying our position as the go-to option for industry leaders. We understand the vital role of efficient loading and unloading solutions in logistics, and our commitment to exceeding expectations has garnered the trust of these key partners.

As we lead in the built-in rollerbed solutions market, we're grateful for the confidence of these industry giants. Their choice to partner with Joloda Hydraroll reflects our shared commitment to excellence in logistics. We look forward to continuing as the trusted solution for the world's largest trailer building companies, driving innovation and setting new industry standards.


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We'll do all this to ensure we fully understand your product loading and unloading requirements and help lighten your load!

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The Joloda Hydraroll Group

about us

We're the global leaders for loading and unloading solutions for transport companies, system integrators and large blue-chip organisations who need to find efficiencies in moving products from production and manufacturing onto transportation.

Through skate and pneumatic roller technology, we take the strain out of warehousing and logistics making loading/unloading more efficient by using mechanical and automated loading systems that are safe, and cost-effective.

No problem is too great, we want to bring ease, efficiency and safety to the movement of goods.

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800Px MK21 Module

spare parts

As part of our continued efforts to prolong the longevity of our loading systems, we've put together this spare parts section where you'll be able to find replacement parts and spare parts for all your favourite Joloda Hydraroll systems.

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The Joloda Hydraroll Group

about us

We're the global leaders for loading and unloading solutions for transport companies, system integrators and large blue-chip organisations who need to find efficiencies in moving products from production and manufacturing onto transportation.

Through skate and pneumatic roller technology, we take the strain out of warehousing and logistics making loading/unloading more efficient by using mechanical and automated loading systems that are safe, and cost-effective.

No problem is too great, we want to bring ease, efficiency and safety to the movement of goods.

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