what are built-in rollerbed loading solutions?

Any rollerbed system which is integrated in the floor of a transport vehicle is considered a built-in system.

Built-in rollerbed systems are the perfect solution for those who seek a maximum internal loading height. Another reason for considering a built-in system would be a specific roller track configuration or spacing. With its lifting capacity of 550 kg per module per m we are able to offer a solution for each palletized load, no matter how heavy!

Built-in pneumatic rise & fall rollerbed systems are suitable for handling all known air cargo pallets & containers as well as most block pallets, both plastic or wood. With the heavy duty steel top plates the Hydraroll roller tracks are renowned for, the system can withstand forklift and pallet-truck movement when the rollerbed system is not in use.




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why choose a fixed rollerbed loading solution?

  • Safely roll in and roll out your air cargo without the use of forklifts
  • Reducing the loading time of your pallets;
  • Increasing the multifunctionality of your fleet;
  • The pneumatic rise & fall concept is easy and safe in useage, requires minimum maintenance and is 100% free of any lubricants;
  • Twin rollertrack requires 20% less effort compared to standard roller systems and limited top plate roller opening reduces debris by 30%
  • Operation of the system is done from outside the vehicle with pendant controls as an option
  • Each system comes with safety features such as auto lowering of the rollers, pallet stops and quick exhaust valves making it the safest system in the market;
  • The heavy duty steel top plates are designed to withstand forklift traffic inside the vehicle;
  • The Joloda Hydraroll roller tracks come in many different versions for specific pallet types such as air cargo and block pallets
  • Availability of specific roller track designs for insulated and special conditioned vehicles to withstand temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees celsius
  • When the rollers in are down position, they are entirely below the top plate opening, making the Joloda Hydraroll system 100% safe to walk over without a tripping hazard
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who should use this loading solution?

Joloda Hydraroll’s pneumatic rollertrack is used worldwide by:

  • Transport companies that provide air cargo Road Feeder Services. i.e. drive air cargo from airport to airport, store and handle air cargo containers.
  • Large fleet owners that load and unload large volumes of standard pallets without forklifts or pallet trucks entering into the trailers. Examples are:
    • Transport of pallets from buildings without dock levellers
    • Transport of pallets in (expensive) reefer trailers. Owners want to avoid forklifts entering the trailers.
  • Any fleet owner that has the vision to break with traditional loading and unloading; i.e. no forklifts or pallet trucks but just roll in and secure your load.
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