When redeveloping the control box that operates over 500,000 rollerbed systems around the world, it was important to balance intricate pneumatic engineering with simplistic design principles.

Introducing the new Pneumatic Control Box...

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push/pull valves

The new control box introduces push/pull levers which enable the raising and lowering of each section of roller track. 

Additionally, they push/pull leavers feature a failsafe deflation mechanism called 'AutoDown Reset' that engages and overrides the push/pull levers should the AutoDown feature be used. 

Front panel of the pneumatic control box used for lowering and raising of rollertrack module rollers

improved labelling

The Improved control labelling further enhances usability for operators, ensuring smooth operation every time for even first-time system users. Additionally, the new design clearly indicates which push/pull lever controls each section making the system even easier to operate. 

Pressure regulator on front of pneumatic control box to see pressure of pneumatic rollertrack system

adjustable pressure regulator

With the new adjustable pressure regulator operators can now manually increase or decrease the PSI/Bar of the pneumatics for optimal performance when loading and unloading freight.


The Autodown is a safety feature activated by an electrical pulse which lowers the rollers when the vehicle's brake pedal is used. This is to avoid product and vehicle damage when human error occurs and the rollers are not lowered before the vehicle begins transit.

Autodown Reset

After the Autodown safety feature is engaged, the Autodown reset will take place. This is where the push/pull valves reset themselves to a safe position ready for the next use cycle. 

autodown explained

1. brake pedal depressed

The new control box comes complete with an ‘Autodown’ safety feature; an electronic bypass valve, as standard.

2. raised rollertrack

In the scenario that a section of rollerbed isn’t lowered before the vehicle sets off, the autodown feature will lower any raised rollers to prevent the cargo from being live whilst in transit.

3. secure load

The electronic valve is connected to the vehicle’s brake light, so when the driver presses the brake pedal, it sends an electronic pulse to the control box and activates the exhaust valve. It will lower all ‘live’ sections when the electronic pulse is received.

4. safe haulage

The rollers will then be lowered to prevent any vehicle and product damage from occurring while the vehicle in transit. Additionally, the push/pull levers will activate their Autodown Reset phase where the levers will return to a safe position ready for the next use cycle.

expanded view of the pneumatic control box that controls rollertrack system

fully removable inners

The new Pneumatic control box design allows for the complete internal assembly to be removed very simply.  This design is great for reducing downtime of the system during maintenance and servicing.

Expanded view of the pneumatic control box used to control built in rollertrack system

compact inner design

The new inner design makes it even easier to access vital components such as the valves and airline services. This design enables technicians to reach the most commonly accessed parts even faster and easier to reduce downtime of the system during servicing and maintenance. 

Pneumatic control box with transparent sides with internal components viewable which control a rollertrack loading system

external dimensions remain the same

The new redesigned pneumatic control box features the same external dimensions as our previous model. This means that system users with the previous version of the control box can upgrade and replace their current control box with the brand-new redesigned model and enjoy all the new benefits right away. 

Back of pneumatic control box showing where the airpipes connect which are used for raising and lowering the rollerbed rollers

external airline connection

The airline connections to the system controls now take place externally. Firstly, this makes mounting the airbox for installation easier and faster than our previous model. Furthermore, demounting and remounting the control box for maintenance of essential components such as the airpipes and valves a quick and easy process.

Close up view of magnet used to keep pneumatic control box lid closed when trailer or truck is in transit

strong magnetic lid

The new magnetic lid mechanism ensures that the new magnetic lid always remains closed when the vehicle is in transit. This prevents the damage of essential components that are contained within the airbox. 


laser engraved lid

Users of the new redesigned pneumatic control box do not have to worry about the prospect of lacquer or paint peeling with the new laser-engraved lid, ensuring your system looks fantastic for longer. 

Pneumatic control box brochure used to control the rollertrack loading system

download brochure

You can learn more about the pneumatic controls box today by downloading our brochure today, available below: 


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