Joloda Hydraroll’s Sales Director, Wouter Satijn is interviewed by Steve Grossman, from the Global Logistics podcast, to learn about how Joloda Hydraroll’s Automated Loading Systems can help businesses operate more efficiently and become more environmentally sustainable.


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In the podcast, Wouter and Steve discuss the segmentation of Joloda Hydraroll’s audience, and how the scale of the applications where there are high volumes of cargo going in and out of vans, trucks, containers, warehouses or production lines where our Systems can be utilised to increase efficiency.

the role of sustainability

Steve asks Wouter about the role of sustainability, this is broken down into two segments, Joloda Hydraroll as a business and about the automated loading systems we install…

  • At Joloda Hydraroll – As an SME business, employing 250 employees, Wouter explains how manufacturing in the UK, rather than outsourcing to Eastern Europe or the Middle East by allowing the business to look after our employees, our product and our suppliers to ensure the systems we manufacture are designed and produced to the highest quality possible. Find out more About Us.
  • Automated Loading Systems – With an automated loading system, businesses can slash loading times from 45 minutes to under 5 minutes, this reduces the driver wait time, the number of trucks and trailers needed to shuttle loads and the number of forklifts needed to load the trailer. By reducing the number of forklifts, automated loading systems improve the safety in the loading dock and reduce the number of accidents, whilst also reducing the consumables both trucks and trailers, and forklifts use. It also reduces asset downtime from damages caused by the loading process. Finally, businesses can load under ‘lights-out’, which means trailers can be loaded with no employees required in the loading dock, so lights don’t need to be turned on during the loading process.
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the automation process

The conversation leads to how a new business may look to automate its business. Wouter explains the methodical process that we go through to build a business case for automating the loading process. This takes into account the number of pallets and the frequency of shuttles and their length etc to come up with recommendations to automate with one of our manual, semi-automatic or fully automated solutions. Recommendations are based solely on Return on Investment (ROI) and technological fit. The average turnaround time to get systems installed is between 4-6 months once CapEx (capital expenditure) is approved.

Automated Loading Systems
The Benefits Of Automated Loading Systems 02 03

Complete Guide

the benefits of automated loading systems

Working with an automated loading system brings with it many advantages for your business. It gives you an opportunity to increase efficiency, enhance worker safety, make room for flexibility and add savings. 

There are a variety of reasons why it is of benefit to rationalise as to whether the investment and The Benefits of Automated Loading Systems is worthwhile for so many businesses. Automated loading systems also have a longer lifespan, which provides your business with a higher return on investment. We’ve drawn on some of our most popular benefits here…

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Joloda Hydraroll Help Air Cargo Operators Maximise Handling Efficiencies 01

air cargo processing

They both also discuss how the e-commerce surge has resulted in record levels of demand for airfreight and bonded warehouses. The conversation goes on to discuss Joloda Hydraroll help air cargo operators maximise handing efficiencies with a modular rollerbed system have been able to help an air cargo operator, who is based at Leipzig/Halle Airport, Germany, and have felt the impact of being in the middle of the supply chain have utilised Joloda Hydraroll’s modular rollerbed system increase their operational efficiency.

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de-manning of operations

Steve and Wouter discuss how quick technology’s moving these days and how the worlds adapting and embracing robotics and AI. They discuss technological advances, such as fully lights-out warehouses, drones and self-driving trailers, which could be used in the future as there isn’t a big enough workforce available to man the operations, but also as there are a lot of repetitive tasks that can be programmed by software.

However, they discuss how the de-manning of operations isn’t taking over peoples’ jobs and how employment levels are at their lowest and there will still be roles available at all kinds of levels. They discuss how automation isn’t the enemy of the workforce and how at our factory, we have the need any requirement for new, skilled workers, how the demand is still there and how our staff retention rates are good, with workers who have been employed for 15, 20 and 25+ years.

the safety of automation

They discuss automation’s added benefit; safety. Whether in business or the public, it will have a huge impact on how we perceive automation. Whether that’s in the warehouse (with AGVs and robots) in the loading dock (with automated loading) on the roads (with driverless trucks or driverless vehicles) will significantly reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. 

It has been recorded from the UK’s health and safety body, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive, that: “On average, there are 13 fatalities and 26,000 non-fatal injuries per year within the UK transportation and storage industry”, whilst the US’s health and safety body, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), have reported: “70% of forklift accidents could be preventable.”

Increased pressures to increase the supply to satisfy demand will only result in more unnecessary risks being taken and more near misses, accidents and fatalities in the workplace.

The Top 3 Loading Dock Safety Tips 01 (1)

the top 3 loading dock safety tips

Did you know that 25% of factory and warehouse accidents happen in or around the loading bay? It’s a worrying statistic that demonstrates a huge under-appreciation of the risks involved in the movement of goods ready for transport or storage.  It’s clear it’s having a significant impact on the industry as a whole despite a focus on the prevention of injuries.

We’ve put together 3 top-loading dock safety tips to help your business provide a safe working environment for all staff and stakeholders. Learn more about the top 3 loading dock safety tips here.

Ultimate Guide Safe Loading And Unloading Of Vehicles 01

the ultimate guide to safe loading and unloading of vehicles

We've put into a guide that looks at how to load trucks and trailers safely as well as at load securing, the different hazards logistics workers face when loading or unloading a vehicle, and the role of employers and employees in the loading and unloading vehicles safely. We also explore some of the issues operators and their workers face when dealing with chemicals.

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