Joloda Hydraroll has been busy helping air cargo logistics operator, Georgi Handling maximise their handling efficiencies in their new hub, based at Leipzig/Halle Airport with complete warehouse loading solutions.

Learn how we've been able to apply our proven rise and fall rollerbed technology into a new setting and see a business maximise their business efficiencies, whilst also improving the level of safety in the warehouse...

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Air Cargo Logistics Operator

the client

Joloda Hydraroll were approached by Georgi Handling (whose headquarters are in Burbach, Germany) after they had recently extended their client services by opening a new warehouse in Leipzig/Halle Airport to process inbound and outbound air cargo freight.

the problem

Between 2020 and 2022, the air cargo industry experienced a turbulent couple of years that saw unprecedented demand, a shortage of ground handling equipment and custom backlogs resulting in roadside warehouses popping up. With increased flows of PPE and other medical materials, matched with record-breaking levels of growth of global e-commerce trade, whilst all in combination with a shortage of ground handling capacity forced the industry to get creative.

So, when Georgi Handling received the keys for the new warehouse, it was equipped with all the necessary facilities, including a traditional-style loading dock and shutter doors, however, there were no facilities to safely load and unload ULDs (unit load devices) and PMC pallets from standard or mega air cargo (low floor height) trailers into the warehouse. The warehouse was being planned to act as a hub to distribute cargo into the broader network, whilst also adding additional support services.

the challenge

As demand for air cargo can quickly fluctuate, logistics companies require a safe, flexible, yet temporary solution to make the operations in the warehouse as efficient as possible. Due to the nature of the warehouse industry, the Georgi Handling team wanted the option to remove the system and refit it to other premises should freight volumes at the airport significantly increase or decrease, without having to undertake civil works.

In addition, traditional air cargo handling equipment is designed to be used at airports and the equipment heights all derive from airport dollies or from the standard height of slave masters. Standardising this type of traditional equipment for use outside of the warehouse proved a challenge, as it would either create unpractical situations or require large scale civil works that would not be feasible.

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modular rollerbed system

the solution

To meet the Georgi Handling’s needs, Joloda Hydraroll specified and supplied one of its pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed solutions, the Modular Rollerbed System, which is specifically designed for warehouse applications.

The system enables the warehouse floor to be converted into an air cargo handling station whereby operators can directly transfer the cargo by rolling it in and out of the trailer, helping Georgi Handling to speed up its freight transfer and optimise the loading and unloading processes.

The system is a prebuilt, modular system that can be configured in an endless range of different setups and be installed on top of any flat surface, such as a warehouse floor or a trailer.

When safely docked in the loading bay, the system can transfer goods from the trailer onto the rollerbed in the warehouse. Tyre guides and ramps help to level the trailer to the warehouse floor so the rollerbed is continuous. The system also offers great flexibility during setup, as the modular rollerbed frames and wheel ramps are retrofitted and secured to the concrete with heavy-duty bolts, which makes it possible to remove them from the premises.

In addition, they also invested in a series of ultra-low height slave pallets. These can be used to safely transport ULD and PMC pallets around the warehouse, without damaging either the cargo or the modular rollerbed system.

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The pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed technology ensure the system is much safer than live-roller alternatives. Safety features include auto lowering of the rollers, pallet stops and quick exhaust valves, as well as a safety cage and safety fuse around the electric winch. The winch is used to pull out, load and unload the pallets, which keeps operators at a safe distance from the system during use.

The system also solved the air cargo industry’s traditional air cargo handling equipment problem, as the very low (80mm height) system could easily be adapted from truck applications to warehouse applications.

The system arrived on-site pre-assembled, ready to be installed and took just two days to fully install. Since then, the company has been able to easily and safely roll in and out ULDs and PMC pallets from its rollerbed trailers into the warehouse. By handling all cargo on rollers, the air cargo logistics specialist has improved operational safety for both the workers and the cargo itself, while meeting the necessary safety requirements from their customers – the airline operators.

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the feedback

Jürgen Georgi, CEO, Georgi Handling, commented: “We have been using Joloda Hydraroll’s rollerbed systems in our trucks for years and knew that we could rely on them to help us with our new warehouse operation. By deploying the Modular Rollerbed System, we can streamline offloading, while speeding up deliveries – moving away from traditional loading and unloading processes.”

Bart Sloot, Manual Loading Systems Sales Manager in Europe concluded: “We are excited to be working with the team at Georgi Handling and helping them to lighten their load. We are improving the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading air cargo into their new warehouse with our Modular Rollerbed Systems. Joloda Hydraroll looks forward to working with Georgi Handling as they continue to expand.”

watch our modular rollerbed system in action

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