Also called 3rd party logistics these are companies that provide loading, unloading, transport and warehousing for other companies across all industries.

With our experience of working across all sectors, we can provide the ideal solution for each logistics company achieving greater efficiency and safety for unloading, loading and transportation.

Joloda solutions can make loading, unloading and even warehouse operations more efficient giving your company the competitive edge.

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How do Joloda Hydraroll automated systems improve my loading environment?

Contract logistics/3rd party logistics services are always looking for innovative ways to offer their customers continuous improvements.  Using an automated system simply lightens the load.

The loading and unloading environment operation becomes less pressured and much more efficient. The loading time of each truck is reduced around 2 minutes which means quicker turnaround times are achieved. This effectively lowers costs for the logistics contract, as less vehicles are needed in the fleet.

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why use joloda hydraroll systems for contract logistics?

When implementing Joloda Hydraroll loading technology in the operation, the benefits are numerous and can be summed up:

  • Trailer loading in 2 minutes
  • Reduction of labour due to:
    • De-manned loading / unloading operation: No FLT drivers
    • Quick turnaround of trailers: Less drivers
  • Lower operating costs with automation
  • No costs connected to FLT maintenance etc.
  • Increased safety due to automation
  • Reduction in product damage

which products can help me?

Moving Floor Conveyor System

Slipchain Pallet Loading System


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