In a bid to further help air cargo businesses lighten their load, Joloda Hydraroll has developed the Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers

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the air cargo industry

You don’t need us to point out how extraordinary and turbulent the last few years have been in the air cargo industry. What with the increased flows of PPE and other medical materials, and record-breaking levels of global e-commerce trade, all combined with a shortage of ground staff. 

When it comes to the air cargo industry, Joloda Hydraroll has almost 45 years of experience. It can provide a complete handling solution, from truck to warehouse, for air cargo equipment such as PMC pallets and ULDs.  

traditional air cargo loading methods

The traditional method of unloading ULDs is to pull them from the truck with winches, but this can be a slow and risky process due to the weight and size of the containers. It can also cause damage to the cargo or the warehouse floor. The Modular Rollerbed System (MRS) helps Road Feeder Service companies load and unload their trucks and dissemble cargo in warehouses quickly, efficiently and safely.  

introducing the modular rollerbed system with powered cargo roller

The MRS system can now be specified with a newly-developed Powered Cargo Roller (PCR) system, which is just 70mm high, making it now even easier to get a PCR trailer in operation. No more special trailer designs, simply specify and retrofit a MRS system with PCR into a standard trailer. 

MRS modules or MRS with PCR modules arrive on-site pre-assembled and ready to install in your workshop (or by your trusted bodybuilders) within a couple of days. The beauty of the modular system is that when it comes to fleet renewal, the system can be removed and reinstalled, too.  

Whilst the MRS system was primarily developed and used for use in trailers, it can be retrofitted into warehouses, too, turning any warehouse into a temporary air cargo handling station. Operators can roll a full trailer’s worth of air cargo out of a truck with the push of a button and onto a warehouse’s rollerbed floor. From here, cargo can be rolled into the warehouse for dismantling with ease. 

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air cargo market growth

According to Boeing's forecast, the freighter fleet is expected to increase by 80 per cent by 2041 compared to the 2019 fleet, highlighting the need for faster and more efficient air cargo handling solutions. Confirming the need for future  

With labour shortages being felt through UK and European airports, airlines and airport ground handling companies have been “racing to recruit” as they have “emerged into a much tighter labour market” after laying off staff during the pandemic. British Airways have offered £1,000 bonuses for ‘below-wing’ roles in ground handling, whilst ground handling firms, such as DHL, Menzies and Swissport have secured employees a 10% pay rise.  

There has never been a more suitable time to address factors beyond your control. With the Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers, businesses can reduce labour, save money and make operations more sustainable.

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