In 1962, Mr George Bernard Johnstone invented the very first skate and track system. A little later a man named Mr Wotjek Kordell acquired the technology and founded Joloda International in 1992.

Since then, Joloda has expanded as a loading solutions company, integrated Hydraroll technologies into their products and revolutionised loading processes. Over half a million loading systems were supplied worldwide, easing truck loading for various industries. Today, skate and track systems are ideal equipment for quick, efficient and dependable loading.

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features of the manual truck loading/unloading system

Features of the Manual Truck Loading/Unloading System

Manual skate and track systems consist of rolling skates running in special sunken tracks. Their features include:

  • Fail-safe skates with front and rear safety brakes
  • Stable load when in transit
  • Elevation height of up to 20mm
  • Recommended for pallets, heavy and large machinery, containers, cans, cartons, drums, newsprint rolls and slip sheets

If you’re considering skate and track systems for your business, here are some of the reasons why they’re worth the investment:

saves you time

With skate and track loading systems, you speed up the loading process by up to 33%. In fact, you can load around 3.5 tonnes per minute into your vehicle with minimal effort.

There is also no need to attach or dismantle the skates to the Joloda system. Once the vehicle arrives, you can begin unloading. Simply latch the handles underneath the load and pull the pallets towards the back door of the truck.

cost-efficient choice

Amongst all the loading systems Joloda offers, our manual skate and rack system is the most cost-efficient. Since automatic systems can be excessive for some trucks and vehicles, opt for a manual loading system instead.

offers flexible options

Our range of portable skates comes in 30 sizes, available for purchase in pairs. It is important to keep a stock of varied skate lengths so that your crew can work with pallets of all sizes.

You can also choose which rack suits your needs the best. We offer stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium tracks for our manual skate systems.

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reduces power consumption

Our manual skate & track loading system is a highly energy-efficient system. In fact, unlike automatic skates, you don’t need fuel or electricity to run the machine. This helps you lower your business’ monthly costs on energy.

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minimises redundant tasks

Many employees spend time and energy loading heavy objects in trucks. When you invest in a skate and rack system, you only need one person to operate the system. This also gives you the option to delegate new responsibilities to other workers.

working with Joloda Hydraroll

Here at Joloda Hydraroll, we take pride in the quality of our systems. We have ISO 9001 standards in place and have held the ISO quality standard for more than 10 years. To ensure your safety, we also see to it that our systems go through rigorous tests before they are delivered to your site.

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