Joloda Hydraroll has recently added a new product to the Skate & Track loading system lineup, we now also offer a lightweight aluminium skate to complement our original steel-type skates. The aluminium skate is half the weight (with a lifting capacity of 1,600kg per pair), which makes it even easier to handle – the ideal solution when weight-saving is key.

Our new aluminium skate weighs only 7kg each and is 5kg lighter than our typical steel skate-type, making it an undeniably lightweight system. This reduces the strain on the operator when manually manoeuvring the skate (and the load) on and off trucks.

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the only heavy-duty skate you’ll ever need…

The aluminium skate has been rigorously tested and confirmed as ‘heavy-duty’ skates as they are capable of a lifting capacity of 1,600kg per pair – setting the new market standard as the lightest, yet heaviest load capacity skate available to buy. Our skates also feature the same rollers that are used in our steel skates and have a larger load rating than competitors’ skates.

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maintenance is easy

The aluminium skate has been designed with the user in mind, for they can quickly and easily be maintained and with a simple parts replacement process, which means that should any screws come loose, easy in-house maintenance can be carried out to prolong the skate's life.

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made in Great Britain

All of our skates, including the steel and aluminium types, are manufactured in our in-house facility that’s based in Liverpool, United Kingdom, which has been manufacturing the world-renowned ‘Joloda skate’ for 60 years.

We currently have developed one aluminium skate (product code: SAS110A3080K) however, we will continue to develop this product into a variety of different lengths and sizes and variations including a headless-type, much like our steel skate type where there are 22 variations, to ensure our clients' and skate users have an aluminium skate to suit their needs.

sustainability at the heart

Our skates can help to reduce your business's carbon footprint. We know this as we've documented the reduction of forklift trucks and carbon emissions that businesses use when they adopt our loading and unloading systems.

To aid the sustainability of our skates, we have also carefully planned our skates packaging to be as sustainable as possible too. When you receive our skates, you'll see we've made a conscious effort to reduce the volume of non-recyclable materials. Whilst traditionally our skates were packaged in a cardboard box protected with plastic wrapping. However, recently, we have invested in a more robust cardboard box, to remove the need for single-use plastics.

Our skate & track systems are environmentally friendly, by nature. Whilst our aluminium skate variant is lighter and can help you to reduce carbon emissions, as the vehicle's carrying less additional weight. In addition, the aluminium skate requires no galvanization or coating as part of the manufacturing process, giving you a lightweight system that ensures corrosion will never be a problem.

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a message from the global sales manager

Global Sales Manager for aluminium skates, Arjan Nobel, commented: “It’s great to launch the aluminium skate to the market. Our skate and track loading systems are one of our most popular products, which is why we’re still selling them 60 years on.

“Understanding the client needs is essential and there’s a requirement for this product in the market, as so many pallets that our skates move on a day-to-day basis are below the 1,600kg limit, so this skate really makes sense. 

“Our technical team have done a fantastic job developing the aluminium skate, making it as lightweight as it is, whilst achieving such a high load capacity. I’m very proud of the work they’ve done and excited to take this product to market.”

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