Loading and unloading containers is a common process in factories, construction sites and other industrial environments. A forklift is a familiar vehicle in the warehouse to carry out the lifting of heavy loads and manage stock storage.

However, many warehouse accidents are caused by forklifts. The average weight of a forklift can reach up to 9,000 pounds, which is thrice the size of a medium-sized automobile. Because of its weight and reach, forklifts can tip over, causing accidents and injuries. Although there are numerous hazards with operating forklifts, the four main areas of concern involve the use of attachments, such as clamps; operating in areas where pedestrians are present; the work environment, including uneven flooring and poor ventilation; the load.

At Joloda, we supply safer, more efficient equipment to suit your container transport needs: Container Loading Systems.

Safer Warehouse Operations

Joloda offers two types of Container Systems: Container Loading and Container Lifting. The Container Loading System is a manual loader that contains a floor-level loading platform for seamless linking with container vans that are fitted with manual skate and track systems. The Container Lifting System, on the other hand, is an automatic system that utilises electro-hydraulics to lift container vans as heavy as 35 tonnes.

A Large Improvement in Production

Container Systems ensure an overall improvement in warehouse operations by:

  • Making one-man operations possible
  • Increasing efficiency while keeping operational costs to a minimum
  • Boosting truck and container turnaround rates
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for forklifts
  • Minimising the maintenance costs

Training Session

Joloda also holds training sessions designed to equip agents with the ability to manage container loading equipment. The training includes assembly of the equipment, operation, and maintaining the hydraulic pump. This reduces the need for endless customer service calls and gives agents the confidence to sell the equipment themselves.

Accreditation from Safecontractor

In 2017, Joloda International was awarded by Safecontractor for our undying commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety with our product range. Safecontractor is a well-regarded third-party accreditation scheme that commends UK contractors for high health and safety management standards.

‘Major organisations cannot afford to employ contractors who do not have sound health and safety policies,’ says John Kinge, technical director of Safecontractor. ‘More businesses need to understand the importance of adopting excellent risk management practices, ensuring safety at all times.’

Ensure Safety with Joloda

At Joloda, we take pride in the quality and safety of our systems. We manufacture our products according to ISO 9001 standards and have held the ISO quality standard for more than a decade. To ensure your safety, we also see to it that our systems go through rigorous tests before they are delivered to your site.

If you need assistance with your loading solutions, we have representatives in the field who will visit your worksite to discuss the options available. They will assess your requirements and advise a system that best matches your requirements. Whether you need a manual loading system or automatic skates, we will make sure you are satisfied with your investment.

Enhance your container unloading platform system and get in touch with Joloda today.