The forklift is an indispensable equipment in the materials handling industry. Despite it being pitted against more high-tech equipment, manufacturers, warehouse operators and port owners choose the forklift for its price and proven adaptability. With the right attachments, a forklift could be handling pallets one minute and coiling rams the next.

For loading and unloading containers, however, solely relying on forklifts can be a waste of time and resources. Here’s why:

Loading Efficiency

It takes a forklift an average of 38.4 minutes to load 6.58 tons (5,973 kg) worth of pallets into a container but it takes only 15 minutes for Joloda’s container loading system to stuff 28 tons (25,401 kg) of load into a container.

Joloda’s Manual One Shot Container Stuffing System self-loads long, heavy and wide preassembled loads up to 28 tonnes in one motion. The system requires loads to be pre-assembled on a dunnage raft, but this allows loading of goods in “one shot”.

With the combination of the two, you can use the forklift to load the cargo on our container loading system’s skate train and let our contraption do the rest.

Efficient Resource Use

Forklifts need either electricity, LPG/propane or diesel to operate. With the rising prices of fossil fuels and electricity in many countries, the continued high use of forklifts may become too costly for many operators.

The Manual One Shot Container Stuffing System, on the other hand, uses a hydraulically elevated skate train. The train allows loaders to manually stuff the cargo into the container with the help of gravity, eliminating the need for power.

With our system, you can limit the use of your forklifts, reduce maintenance costs and make one-man operations possible. As our container loading system works with standard ISO containers, no modifications or expensive top or side loading containers are required.

Minimised Risks to Products and Personnel

Minimising product damage and ensuring personnel and bystander safety is difficult with continuous forklift use. From improper forklift maintenance to blind areas as well as driver fatigue, many factors are at play in ensuring damage-free and safe loading of heavy goods.

With our container loading system, forklift drivers only need to put the load on our skate train. There’s no need for several manoeuvres to stuff the load into the container, minimising the use of forklifts and the risks that come with it.

The same advantages apply when unloading a container. Our system can also be used as a container unloading platform, allowing the safe, fast and cost-efficient turnaround of trucks and containers.

Streamline Your Loading and Unloading Procedures with Joloda

Joloda’s container loading system is ideal for operators working with steel pipes, steel fabrication, wood and aluminium coils. It is also widely used for loading and unloading large pieces of machinery.

If you think your business can benefit from our loading system, you can talk to our engineers for advice on the best option for your loading and unloading processes.