From cans and glass to plastics, paper and cardboard products, the packaging industry deals with the production of specific high-volume products. Supplying multiple sectors, the packaging industry needs to be quick and convenient to support ecommerce demand. To improve speed and efficiency of packing orders and shipping to consumers, automated loading at the end of the line is the solution.

Supplying packaging to production sites brings its own challenges. When it comes to unloading awkward materials that often get damaged, automated unloading of packaging and loading of finished goods can make a significant impact and deliver a strong return on investment. 

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how do joloda hydraroll automated systems prevent product damage?

Automated handling, automated loading and unloading overcomes specific challenges that the packaging industries face including:

  • Ultra-high and specific size pallets with empty cans which are particularly prone to damages
  • Heavy and big pallets with glass, that are prone damages
  • Heavy and hard to handle paper reels which are also subject to damage

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Manual or automated loading solutions


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why use automated systems for packaging?

  • Trailer loading in just 2 minutes
  • Reduction of labour due to:
    • De-manned loading / unloading operation with no forklift drivers
    • Quick turnaround of trailers and less drivers required
  • Lower operating costs with automation:
    • No costs connected to forklift maintenance
  • Increased safety due to automation
  • Reduction in product damage





Lower costs - labour & maintenance, quick turnarounds - less drivers


De- manned loading/unloading, no forklift drivers, sfaety increased due to automation


Load a trailer in 2 minutes

which products can help me?

Moving Floor Conveyor System

Slipchain Pallet Loading System


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