The use of Containers in global logistics

These days, the industry knows the container as the backbone of global logistics. Although already invented back in the 30's, the container found its standardisation as the global loading unit only after the second world war, in the 50’s, due to the rapid growth of world trade. 

But as the volumes of trade goods continue to increase year after year, the demand for containers and container space on ships and trains is also likely to increase. In fact, most industries are now reliant on a container for overseas or far inland transport.

The effect this has on the number of ports

And with this increasing demand for containers, the expansion of existing ports and the development of new ports is also on the rise. That’s why Joloda is on hand to partner with those who need to load and handle containers with our loading solutions.

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where does joloda hydraroll come in?

With its specific loading technology for loading and lifting containers, Joloda Hydraroll has played a global leading role in this industry for over 40 years.

The solution offers automatic and manual container systems that load and unload containers from trucks in a matter of minutes. In addition, it allows customers to load heavy goods into standard containers, eliminating the need for an expensive open top container.

Overall, our container loading system gives crews greater control over the placement of palletised and un-palletised cargo going into containers. It works for pieces of machinery, air cargo containers, drums, coils, and other sizable products, filling a container with up to 28 tonnes of pre-assembled loads in just 15 minutes.

our partnership process


Integrating and coordinating with stakeholders on site


In-house adaption and production capabilities


Manual or automated loading solutions


Servicing packages and emergency call out services

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why use joloda container loading systems?

  • Limit the use of forklifts and reduces the cost of their upkeep
  • Make one-man operations possible
  • Increase truck and container turnaround rates
  • Increase efficiency while keeping operational costs at a minimum

which products can help me?

Container Lifting System

Container Loading Systems

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