At Joloda Hydraroll we understand the challenges our clients face, so that we can create solutions that maximise their potential. That is why, when we were approached by Perishable Movements Ltd, we knew that speed and efficiency were their top priorities.

Perishable Movements Ltd are logistics experts, specialising in supply chain management of temperature-controlled goods. Operating from a warehouse located at Heathrow Airport, PML transport perishable air cargo to and from the airport.


In the air cargo industry, time is at a premium and accuracy is key.

PML were looking for a partner that could provide a loading solution that was safe, quick, and controlled.

PML were using forklift trucks to load and unload the air cargo ULDs, with 1 or 2 personnel needed to enter the truck and push the ULDs into position. This method was time consuming and presented potential safety issues for the personnel entering the trailer. There was also the risk of air cargo bins hitting the trailer bulkhead at speed, causing damage to the trailer, and creating unforeseen delays.

PML required a solution that removed the need for personnel to enter the trailer, that could be operated by a single person in a controlled way, to remove the risk of damaging the trailer.


Having a lot of experience working with air cargo, we knew the challenges that PML were facing. We were able to come up with a solution that would solve their problems: our Powered Cargo Roller system.

We installed our Powered Cargo Roller system into their existing fleet, in 6 of PML’s trailers

With our Powered Cargo Roller, a single operator could move the ULDs into the trailer, without ever having to enter. Once the forklift truck moves the ULD into position, the operator uses a pendant located at the rear of the trailer to move the ULD into position within the trailer. The speed is controlled and there is no need for any personnel to enter the trailer. It is a safer, more reliable way of loading and unloading trailers, quickly.


After installing our Powered Cargo Roller, PML can load and offload at a constant, controlled speed. This allows PML to accurately measure turnaround times with no unforeseen delays, giving them the confidence to plan for future growth. It also reduces the possibility of damage to their trailers and keeps their personnel safe whilst working.

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