We are excited to announce that we have acquired the specialist automotive trailer unloading/loading MAP division of French company, Legras Industries.

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Moving Floor Systems

Manutention Automatique de Palettes

The acquisition of the MAP (Manutention Automatique de Palettes) division of Legras Moving Floor Systems is a strategic match for our existing range of Automated Loading Solutions. Legras is well-respected with an established customer base in France. It, therefore, plays an important role in strengthening our local presence and expertise.

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a new office in Paris, France

To that end, we are also pleased to announce the opening of our new commercial office in Paris – to better serve the French logistics market. Heading up the new operation in France will be our General Manager, Jean Balsemin, who has more than 15 years of experience in the logistics and loading and unloading industry.

Our new address:

Joloda Hydraroll (SAS), 1 Cour Du Harve, CS50101 75008 Paris, France.

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the benefits of the acquisition

For MAP customers of Legras, the acquisition will mean access to a broader, more extensive choice of loading systems for their exact loading and unloading requirements.

By growing its local presence, at Joloda Hydraroll, we can also guarantee continuity. Spare parts for new and existing Legras MAP Systems now and in the future will be maintained, as will a high level of customer service.

The benefits for our clients remain unchallenged and unrivalled. By working directly with clients, we can get to know their needs and requirements clearly, without working through a third-party distributor.

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a message from our sales direcotor

we're committed to the French market

Wouter Satijn, our Sales Director, comments: “We are committed to providing logistics companies worldwide with the best possible service, solutions, and products to improve their operational processes. We recognise the importance of having a local presence in growing markets such as France to achieve this.

“Acquiring Legras’ MAP business and opening our commercial office in Paris will enable us to strengthen our commitment to both new and existing clients, while best serving forthcoming opportunities that the French market presents.”

Meet the Sales Team
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signed, sealed and delivered

Photo (from left to right): Jean Balsemin (General Manager of Joloda Hydraroll SAS),  Jean Remy Legras (Owner/CEO of Legras Industries), Wouter Satijn (Sales Director of Joloda Hydraroll Ltd) and Sebastien Notat (Managing Director of Legras Industries).

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