February 22, 2019

Warehouse management involves a lot of factors that are centred on the optimisation of operations. Part of developing an effective management system is adopting solutions that help promote convenience and efficiency in the warehouse. This often includes the use of an automatic loading and unloading system that allows for the easy movement of products.

No matter the industry your business is in, if your business deals with the frequent movement of goods, then investing in a loading system should be a priority. In addition to streamlining your operations, this system allows you to maximise the utilisation of your transport vehicles and it reduces the expenses often associated with warehouse and vehicular modifications.

As one of the world’s leading experts, Joloda works with you to find the best automatic loading system that suits your operational needs. Below are three innovative and flexible loading solutions.

Moving Floor System

For warehouses and factories that handle palletised and non-palletised loads, the Joloda Moving Floor System is the ideal solution for your business. The conveyor belt uses flat steel slats that are able to fully support pallets, stillages, and loose parcels. Our Moving Floor System can carry a total load of 30 tons and works at a speed of 30 metres per minute to optimise loading and unloading time. Additionally, we designed the system to be as low-maintenance as possible. Also, only one man and a fork truck are required to operate it. You can rest assured that risks of product damage will significantly be reduced as the system does not allow for any movement of its loads during transit.


Our Slipchain loading system is ideal for moving pallets from your warehouse to your trucks and vice versa. In utilising a pneumatically activated rise and falls chain and roller track, this system is designed to allow you to move pre-assembled loads in 90 seconds. For supermarkets and other business that mostly handle FMCGs, our Slipchain system allows you to eliminate the use of fork trucks in the loading and unloading process with its dock lock and levelling devices. On the whole, as the system is designed for less dependence on human intervention, it has the ability to reduce accidents that are common at dock areas.

Hydraroll Trailer Skate®

The Hydraroll Trailer Skate® was developed as an automatic trailer loading system that uses pneumatic skates that connects the loading dock to the trailer floor. With its 4×13.6mtr skates, this system allows your warehouse or factory staff to move multiple heavy loads in one shot. The steel channels and the non-slip surface provides your products with the support they need in order to remain still during the loading and unloading process in order to reduce the risks of mishandling and damage. Much like our other systems, the Hydraroll Trailer Skate® is designed to lessen dependence on human intervention during the process for efficiency and safety.

Joloda: Innovative Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems

Operations optimisation plays a significant role in reducing expenses and increasing efficiency and productivity. For businesses that operate in factories or warehouses, there are multiple factors that can be addressed in order to improve operations. Choosing to do so with your loading system using the solution that best suits your needs allows you the opportunity to streamline the process.

Since 1962, Joloda has been providing business owners and warehouse managers with innovative loading and unloading systems that are designed and engineered to suit our clients’ needs. We have been partnering with several companies, both big and small, across multiple industries in order to provide them with the solutions that allow them to optimise their operations. We ensure that all of our systems meet industry standards and are ISO-certified to provide you with high-quality products.