Streamline your air cargo handling with our Modular Rollerbed Systems.

Upgrade your warehouse into a ULD handling station, and improve safety and efficiency, in just a day.

The Key Benefits

  • Upgrade your air cargo warehouse to a ULD handling station in just a day
  • Load air cargo on and off trucks in minutes without forklift
  • Handle all known air cargo pallets and containers
  • Place the Modular Rollerbed on top of warehouse floor quickly and easily
  • No civil work required and no additional costs to the building structure
  • Ideal for temporary usage in rented or leased warehouses
  • Pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed
  • Modular design for endless layout variations

Our Modular Rollerbed Systems allow for complete flexibility, meaning we can create the ideal solution to meet your exact needs – extending to your fleet too.

We can retrofit your vehicles with specially designed rollerbeds that are portable, easy to install and work seamlessly with your existing loading and unloading systems.  See examples of our product in action below.

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modular rollerbed - warehouse video

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modular rollerbed - warehouse case study

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modular rollerbed - trailers & trucks video

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Modular Rollerbed - van video

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