The trailerskate system has just been installed for a large beverage customer in South America.
They have a 100% automated end of line with AGV’s and Joloda’s automated Trailerskate loading systems!!

The AGV’s take finished product pallets from the end of the production lines and store them in a buffer storage space.
When an order arrives, the AGV’s are instructed to place the ordered pallets onto the Joloda ATL system.
The trailer arrives and is loaded within 4 minutes!!
This same trailer can be unloaded in one of the high volume warehouses, 100% automatic, again with our unloading dock.
Or, it is directed to another warehouse or client where it is traditionally unloaded.

The Trailerskate system is the ideal solution for medium to long shuttles as there is only a small modification required to the trailers, keeping the costs to a minimum. From the dock itself, 4 skates move the load in/out of the trailer so there is no technology needed on the trailer, just 4 simple rails.
The system is used by companies worldwide, for high volume loads.

We automate and innovate, and are always here to lighten loads...