Automating loading operations in your warehouse may require a substantial investment, but it has some amazing benefits, and although these benefits may seem obvious to some, you may be asking: Why do companies use automation? Potential benefits of automating processes include cutting your operational costs, avoiding human errors, making operations safer and more efficient, getting more out of your warehouse by optimising warehouse space, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The challenges of warehouse automation include the massive amount of investment required in the automation, automation’s somewhat restrictive nature (as it’s more suitable for simple, repetitive tasks), and workforce considerations such as the number of job cuts you may need to make and training staff so that they can work safely with the automated equipment. Do the pluses outweigh the minuses for your business? That’s one of the fundamental questions you must answer when considering whether to automate any of the loading processes in your warehouse.

Below we look in more depth at some of the wider benefits of loading automation in your warehouse.

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investing in warehouse automation

The size of the investment necessary in warehouse automation means you have to do some serious financial calculations before going ahead with it. Take the leap, though, and it can have several major benefits for your logistics. We’ve picked out six you might not have realised:

Fewer human errors

Warehouses must operate at a rapid pace to get orders out on time to their customers, but the pressure and other factors can cause humans to make mistakes; and mistakes cost time and money, and can lose you customers. One of the great benefits of warehouse automation is that you can reduce human errors significantly.

Lower operational costs

Operating a warehouse is costly. One of the big challenges of running such an operation is to keep costs as low as reasonably possible but still achieve maximum efficiency. Despite the large investment necessary for automation, you’ll strip significant amounts off your costs. You’ll be able to reduce labour costs, optimise handling and storage costs, bolster warehouse performance and lower the risks of mishandling products.

Increased safety

Working with heavy pallets, handling high racks, performing duties in a high-traffic environment…. these are just some of the safety risks warehouse work entails. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated manoeuvrable robots (AMRs) can both help to make your operations much safer, as can our automated loading systems, which allow you to load pallets and other goods onto trailers much more quickly but also in a much safer fashion.

Tablet device with graphs displaying operational efficiency metric used for bench-marking and measuring operational efficiency

Higher productivity

Now, this may seem really obvious, but just to be clear: automation will ramp up productivity and business processes. Warehouse work entails a lot of repetitive tasks that take a long time and can also place heavy physical demands on workers. Physical automation can spare workers hours of carting heavy loads and of receiving and storing the goods.

Again, our automated loading solutions can lend a hand with this, by allowing warehouse operators to load trailers and unload them in minutes. This technology also frees workers up to work on other tasks, as loading and unloading processes will need fewer people to complete them.

Logistic company employees in a warehouse planning process improvements to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Greater optimisation of space

Automation enables you to make more of the space in your warehouse. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/AR), AGVs, warehouse robotics, drones and more can help you to increase the height of racks and reduce the need for wide aisles. That’s because they don’t need as much space to retrieve pallets, parcels and other items, so you can make more of the cubic feet in your warehouse.

Customer satisfaction

Keeping customers happy is the top aim of any business, and warehouses are no different in this regard. Being able to achieve customer satisfaction is one of the chief benefits of automation in your warehouse. You can fulfil orders accurately, reduce shipping times and, in general, be more reactive, this latter being especially important in logistics today as customers become more and more demanding. Not only this, but automation also helps you deal with returns quicker. An efficient returns process is essential.

All of this creates a good experience for the customer and builds the business’s reputation. A company that is slow to get the customer’s order to them or to address returns will suffer damage to its reputation. By investing in one of our automated loading solutions, you can load your trailers quicker and get your goods out to customers or onto the next stage of their journey sooner.

achieving higher customer service through warehouse automation

Today, customers can order products online and receive them the next day or, depending on the company, even the same day. This creates a fantastic buying experience for them and has become a differentiating factor for companies. Customers know they don’t have to put up with slow delivery — and they won’t. A business that can get customers’ orders out to them sooner than others can really steal an edge on its competitors.

Getting customers’ order right, too, is a major way to ensure your customers are happy. No one wants to wait days for their order, only to find that when they receive it, it’s the wrong one. This is why it’s important to not just be fast, but also be accurate, and if you do send out the wrong product to a customer, to make the returns process as smooth as possible. If a customer has to overcome lots of administrative obstacles to receive their original order, they won’t battle through them twice. They’ll just buy elsewhere next time.


why companies are making the most of automation

Businesses are making the most of automation to streamline their operations and become more efficient. Automation can eliminate bottlenecks that cost the business time, money and, potentially, customers.

Implementing automation in the business helps you to offer a better customer experience. Employees can operate more safely and be more productive. As a result, you’ll be able to get orders out to customers quicker and, despite this need to operate swiftly, be more certain they’re the right orders.

If you’d like to invest in one of our automated solutions to boost your warehouse operations, we’ll be happy to help. Let's chat today, and we’ll advise you on the best system for your warehouse, as well as install it for you.

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