June 3, 2020

How can you use Joloda technology to help keep your team safe?

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to the logistics industry, including how to load and unload safely whilst social distancing. This additional concern has impacted efficiency for many businesses around the world, but Joloda systems present the opportunity to improve safety, without impacting efficiency.

What do the guidelines say?

Every business that has to load or unload trucks or containers is likely to have read the government guidance on workplace safety. It’s important that all colleagues, contractors, suppliers and drivers are briefed on these ahead of arrival. We’ll refresh you on the current guidance below. Businesses must: –

  • Have single workers load and unload vehicles where it’s possible and safe to do so.
  • Use the same pair of people to unload goods where possible to avoid the virus becoming more widespread among a workforce.
  • Encourage drivers to stay in the vehicle if this doesn’t compromise their safety of existing safe working practice.
  • Minimise unnecessary contact at gatehouse security, yard and warehouse. This could include non-contact deliveries.
  • Considering methods to reduce frequency of deliveries, for example by ordering larger quantities less often.

You can read the full government guidance on the Working Safely During Coronavirus government hub.

How do our loading and unloading systems help?

Automatic or assisted loading and unloading equipment has never been more important to the haulage industry. It can help your business run efficiently during the most challenging times, whilst protecting your staff on the ground. Here are just some of the ways our loading systems can help.

Automatic loading and unloading reduce workforce requirements

Joloda’s automatic loading and unloading systems can help ensure a smooth process from warehouse to trailer, often with just the push of the button. This means the driver can remain in his vehicle and the goods can be loaded with minimal contact.

Many of these systems can transfer large cargo from the warehouse floor and on to the trailer using minimal members of staff. Our products capable of managing this task includes: –

  • Powered cargo rollers have the ability to transfer heavy cargo from the trailer to the warehouse at the touch of a button
  • Slip chain systems are a pallet loading system for trucks and warehouses that can eliminate double handling

Reduction in carrying and lifting

Both our Rollertrack and Skate & Track systems can reduce the amount of heavy lifting that’s required. By integrating these systems throughout your warehouse and transportation, cargo can often be transferred from your fleet and into the warehouse single handedly. Systems that can help include: –

  • Mobile Roller Beds including our Trailerloda system which can be fitted to any trailer thanks to its pre-built frame
  • Skate & Track systems, a manual pre-built truck load system that can greatly assist in loading and unloading

Automated Container Lifting Systems

Our container lifting systems can be operated single handedly using a forklift truck. Four hydraulic legs are positioned on to the container before being lifted at the click of a button. The cargo can then be removed from the container using a forklift. Products include: –

  • Our container lifting system allows containers to be lowered to the ground and unloading single handedly if required

Contact us today to find out how our loading systems can help

COVID-19 is impacting everyone, none more so than those working in the logistics industry. However, as the headlines and science suggest, the virus is here to stay, at least for the time being. This means that social distancing, both in the workplace and in general is here to stay too. With this in mind, it’s important that logistics businesses adapt to meet the challenge. Why not contact Joloda today and see how we can help your business.


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