November 9, 2020

The Board of Joloda International Ltd (JIL) are delighted to announce the acquisition of a majority share in Loading Automation Inc (LAI) for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition represents a significant step in JIL’s ambitious growth plans, whilst fitting in with the succession plans of previous LAI shareholders.

Based in the US city of Wilmington, North Carolina, LAI have successfully distributed JIL’s products in North America for over 15 years – delivering to US customers, and helping them to increase efficiencies by streamlining their loading and unloading solutions.

LAI, has been an invaluable partner in providing expert solutions for all logistics operations through JIL’s Hydraroll products. Now, as part of JIL, they will be able to offer the full Joloda Hydraroll product range to the US market.

Continuing in his current role as President and shareholder of LAI, Brett Murill will ensure the change in ownership is a smooth transition to existing and future customers. Brett and the US team will now also benefit from additional support and investment from JIL to expand the reach of the business across the US.