As global leaders in loading solutions our distributors are the vital link between us and our customers around the world. We’ve been catching up with our partners and hearing what they have to say about working with us...

Top Korea, in the Southern region of Korea, have supported us for just over 30 years! Mr Cho is one of our longest standing agents developing our original pallet loading system, Skate and Track. This system was very unique and exclusive in those days and Mr Cho continues to keep the market strong there.

More recently? He has now expanded into rollertrack systems, lightening loads for the aircargo industry.

The market in South Korea is starting to slowly follow their European counterparts in their pursuit for logistics efficiency; so Mr Cho is excited for the opportunities to now introduce the Joloda Hydraroll automatic truck loading systems.

His favourite loading system is the Trailerskate system as there is minimal investment needed in the trailer. His first love will always be the Skate and Track, as its “old but still versatile”.