Joloda Loading Automation Inc have been an invaluable partner for over 15 years. Brett Murrill, the President tells us that the reason they partnered with Joloda was because they wanted to provide premier truck loading systems to the US market.

With the help of Brett and his team Joloda Hydraroll, have sold thousands of rollerbed systems to all the largest players in the aircargo market there, making our system industry standard. This is Brett's favourite system as “it is very effective yet remains fairly simple in concept and has been fined tuned over the years, to provide extreme reliability”

We have also just finished a huge automation project in Kentucky, installing over 10 automatic truck loading systems into a new warehouse, with many more of these projects in the pipeline.
Brett is certain that together we will continue “Helping customers solve logistics problems, with efficient, cost-effective solutions that will be used well into the future”