July 1, 2020

At Joloda, we are always looking to increase efficiency, by offering our customers the best possible solutions to improve the ways that they work. We also strive to maximise our capability and quality in the way that we work for those customers, simultaneously ensuring the health and safety of our employees at every stage.

We are investing a total of £240k, including a grant of £80k from the Welsh Government, to improve efficiency and safety in our Anglesey site. Working with local building contractor, OBR Construction, we are extending two areas of the site, building a dedicated trailer park, and investing in upgrades to our equipment, to ensure we continue to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for our employees.

The first extension will allow aluminium extrusion storage at the Point of Use, reducing the use of forklift truck movements by around 66%, increasing efficiency and safety, while reducing fuel and carbon cost.

The second extension will be to the shop floor, increasing our manufacturing capacity by 20% and allowing us to make further improvements to the layout of the area to increase efficiency.

We have also invested in improvements to our equipment on site, including improvements to the welding systems. These improvements will increase our welding capacity by 50%, while ensuring the highest levels of Health and Safety standards are met for our employees, both now and for the future.

These improvements mean that we can work smarter, taking care of our customers’ needs while looking after our employees. The investment will also mean that we can continue to protect the current permanent positions at the site, while creating more permanent positions locally.


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