One of the biggest challenges in the logistics and transport industry is worker safety. As a daily activity, the risk of injury during the manual loading and unloading is common. Although health and safety at work legislation aims to reduce the risks, it is up to the employers to implement safety practices that make loading bays safe from accidents and injuries.

Safety Practises for Logisticians

As well as causing personal suffering, accidents because of poor equipment results in loss of money, time and productivity. Logistics companies will have a set of standard operating procedures, but need to enforce them through the right training, proper equipment and staff allocated to oversee safety at work.

Injuries during manual loading and unloading are numerous; some common causes may be from lifting heavy objects, unsecured items toppling or rolling away, hands trapped or from protruding sharp objects. One reason is the failure to comply with proper pallet loading and unloading practises. The products must also be checked to ensure that they are effectively secured to the pallet. Pallets should be safely docked and secured before they are transported. While this all sounds like common sense, these simple procedures can be overlooked and cause accidents at any time.

Efficient Manual Loading and Unloading with Joloda Skate and Track

In some cases, it is not the lack of oversight that causes the accidents but rather the quality of the equipment used. Joloda’s Skate and Track System is an efficient, fail-safe manual loading and unloading system that responds to the safety demands of the logistics industry.

Our skate and track system consists of manually operated rolling skates that run in special sunken tracks. The skates lift the load and roll into or out of the truck. The system has front and rear safety brakes and a stable loader. With the Joloda Skate and Track System, only one operator is required, freeing-up other workers for other tasks.

Compared to conventional truck loading, our manual loading and unloading system is 33 per cent faster, enabling the operator to handle 3.5 tonnes per minute. It can be used for pallets, slipsheets, drums, newsprint rolls and heavy and large machinery. The use of maximum space ensures no product damage. Most of all, our skate and track system is self-cleaning and requires minimal maintenance.

With an effective and reliable manual truck loading skate system like the Joloda Skate and Track, you will reduce worker injuries, boost productivity, maintain a safe workplace and save money by reducing damaged goods and delayed deliveries.

Trusted International Logistics Partner

The worker and the workplace are at the heart of Joloda. For more than 10 years, we have upheld ISO quality standards to ensure your safety. Each product in our catalogue goes through meticulous tests and inspections before they become available in the market.

For all your loading solutions, turn to Joloda. Contact us today and one of our representatives will visit your site, assess your requirements and advise a system that best fits your needs.