How will tech shape logistics in 2021?
"2021 will be the year of automation and micro-fulfilment. Something we have observed even pre-COVID is that shopping behaviours are changing. People are doing more of
their shopping online and will continue to deal with brands who can work in the most efficient manner, whilst maintaining quality assurance" ...Logistics Business Magazine

So 2021 is the year of automation, due to rising consumer demand that has created a greater need for efficiency in the warehouse and supply chain.

This automated trailer loading system was installed at one of the largest food producers in South America. They can now load and unload high volume goods within a couple of minutes – without any forklifts.
100% efficient and safe – reducing the number of trailers and forklifts needed in their operation.
If you think that’s a great start to us for your end of line automation solution!
We automate and innovate making loading faster safer and more efficient...