A great portion of the industry relies on forklifts for its logistical operations. Forklifts streamline and increase the workload of workers by transporting heavy goods from one point to another. But since forklifts are used every day, they are at risk of experiencing mechanical problems that, if left unchecked, could lead to dangerous accidents and incidents.

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forklift’s mast is not moving properly

One of the most common problems encountered with forklifts is when the mast does not move properly. When the forklift’s mast lowers, raises or tilts erroneously, it can damage the load or cause accidents.

A mast malfunction commonly occurs if the forklift’s hydraulic level fluid is low. The lower the fluid levels, the harder it will be to manoeuvre the mast. To prevent this kind of malfunction, the operator must check the forklift’s hydraulic fluid levels prior to operation.

If the problem occurs despite sufficient hydraulic levels, check for debris clogging the hydraulic system and pump filters. Clean the machine and the forklift should start working properly.

warehouse clutter and disorder

Clutter and lack of organisation in the warehouse can be an unsafe working environment for forklift operations. A warehouse must have clear, open driving avenues. Untidy floors, tools, debris and other obstructions scattered and getting in the way may be an unsafe path for the forklift and cause accidents.

lack of safety habits and training in the warehouse

Workplace safety must be observed by all staff members at all times. Supervisors must enforce the practice of safety measures until they become second nature for employees.

Forklift operators must be adequately trained to drive safely and transport heavy loads. They must know the maximum loading capacity of the forklift and have sufficient knowledge to respond when issues arise.

safe and efficient operations with Joloda’s container systems

Boost the efficiency and safety of your workplace with Joloda’s very own loading and unloading container systems. Our Container Systems ensure an overall improvement in warehouse operations by making loading and unloading safer and more efficient.

Our Container Loading System is a skate train with a loading capacity of 28-tonnes. The skates run down a galvanised steel track that is located on the loading platform and onto the container floor. It is a portable system that can be reused or transferred to other loading/unloading points.

Our Container Lifting System, on the other hand, consists of four independent electro-hydraulic jacks powered by a 440 volt three-phase supply. Each corner of the container uses a one-tonne form truck and clipping that enables a 20-minute container turnaround time.

our container solutions

Container Loading Systems

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Joloda’s has been offering world-class loading systems to various industries across the globe. Our client base has grown along with our range of products and services. Over the years, we have worked with some of the world’s leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Fed Ex and DHL.

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